The Halloween Black Market Ball

The Halloween Black Market Ball

Powder your sores, diseased artistocrats, and practice your gluttonous decadence at a FREE London Halloween Ball courtesy of Kill the Beast.

We know it must be difficult.

Watching those you love suffer and die of this wretched disease.

We know that, of all people, you aristocrats with your endless decadence must feel this hurt the most keenly. What are riches, after all, when they cannot buy a cure?

But perhaps they can.

At the Black Market Ball, the gift of life goes to the highest bidder.

Powder your sores, glitter your styes, slick over your sickness. Tonight, you are well again.

Just as long as you pay the price.

The Talismen

To mark the 2nd anniversary of Kill the Beast – they of The Boy Who Kicked Pigs and Dr Ezra Tallboy’s Travelling Nightmares fame – a Halloween Extravaganza like no other has been announced. One of the finest Halloween events in London that has ever been seen. And it has been decided to make it free. Absolutely free.

Floor-ripping live music, disgusting gluttony, oozing disease and the tale of the Talismen, all at the gorgeous London Fields Brewery on Saturday the 2nd November, and all for no money at all.

So much more to be revealed. But not yet.

For now, all that needs to be said is that if you wish to take part in the evening’s revelry, the Black Market Bidding and the Talismen’s Auction, you can get your free ticket here:

Dress code is, of course, your very finest. Plague-dusted.

Things people have said about Kill the Beast:

“a scorchingly talented young company” – Time Out

“Inventive, clever, gruesome and hilarious” – What’s On Stage

“The League of Gentlemen stripped back to its Edinburgh roots” – Exeunt Magazine

This Halloween extravanganza has been brought to you by Kill the Beast productions.

What: The Black Market Ball – a Halloween Extravaganza

Where: London Fields Brewery

When: Saturday 2nd November

Admittance: FREE

Dress: You diseased, decadent aristocrat you.