Twin Peaks UK Festival


Twin Peaks. What was it, exactly? A drama? A sitcom? A horror?

Twin Peaks didn’t fit in a box.

Twin Peaks didn’t even fit in your head.

Twin Peaks was… a MySTeRy. People watching it back in the eighties knew they’d witnessed something special. If you saw someone stroking a log or ordering a black coffee and a slice of cherry pie in a cafe, you knew they were a friend you hadn’t yet met.

To see a famous Hollywood name transition to TV was unheard-of, yet David Lynch changed people’s conceptions of what a small screen could do when he introduced us to gorgeously upright Agent Dale, to the cast-iron whimsy of the Log Lady, to the terror of a man speaking backwards.

Whoever you are, whenever you watch Twin Peaks, you know, immediately, that you’re in the presence of something special… and that’s why Twin Peaks UK Festival 2014 was so good. It was inclusive. It didn’t matter if you’d seen the show the first time round or had just come to it. Everyone knew the secret. That’s why…

Twin Peaks UK Festival 2015

The UK festivallers are gearing up for a 25th anniversary special!

Go the site and register to be informed about when, where, who, David Lynch coffee, tickets. Oh, and have yourself a big slice of Facebook.

Shh. Tell your friends.

It’s a secret.

You still have time to learn how to tongue-tie that cherry stalk.

Unless you’re Laura Palmer, there’s always still time.

Main illustration: Emma Munger