Craftivism: Book Review

craftivism book


Craftivism collects images, essays and interviews to inspire crafters to make the world a better place.

Craftivism book cover

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Craftivism book

Finger knit baskbetball net made by members of the NCAA Net Works (who are featured in the book)

Craftivism book

Knitted foot-powered Kombi car by Varvara Guljajeva (featured in the book)

Betsy Greer first coined the term “craftivism” to describe the act of using arts and crafts to effect social change on the world in a public way.

Crafting used to be a very private practice, but thanks to online technology and the gathering of communities both on and offline, it’s now become one of the tools of a movement for social change. There is no set agenda for this movement… it’s totally dependent on the social desires of anyone who gets involved.

To reflect that, Betsy Greer – the editor of Craftivism – has gathered loads of essays, interviews and wonderful images from socially-minded crafters all over the world. The artists featured range from well-known names like yarn bomber Jessica Vellenga and cross-stitcher Mr. X Stitch to less exposed crafters with equally brilliant ideas.

There’s a really rewarding sense of inclusivity and diversity in the content – it doesn’t place a specific focus on any one gender, and it doesn’t place a sole focus on craftivism activity in the west. It celebrates the concept that social crafting is for all.

This book is full of rich philosophy and social thought as well as beautiful pictures and projects – it’s perfect for anyone keen to dream up new ideas for getting their art out on the streets and feel inspired by a rich heritage of crafters who have already sewn their own path.