Every Breath: A Modern Take on Sherlock Holmes



Despite boasting a tagline reminiscent of a poorly-written fanfiction (“What if Sherlock Holmes was the Boy next Door?”), Every Breath by Ellie Marney presents a modern homage to Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary characters in a fast-paced YA mystery novel set in big-city Australia.

Rachel Watts is living in the city after a financial disaster has cost her family their farm. To pass the time as she waits to graduate and return to the country, Rachel brings food and company to her neighbour, a troubled but brilliant student named James Mycroft. Dealing with Mycroft’s problems brings a welcome respite from her own troubles—until the duo land themselves in the middle of a murder investigation. When Mycroft becomes a suspect, Watts finds herself an unwilling detective trying to solve a mystery to clear Mycroft’s name and save his life.

Every Breath judiciously mixes together action, mystery, and sexual tension with likeable characters and a thrilling conclusion, creating a book that creates both space and reader desire for a sequel. Marney peppers in only a few references to Sherlock Holmes, resulting in a YA mystery novel that’s accessible to more than just core literary Sherlock fans.

Every Breath was published by Allen & Unwin Books in 2013 (Australia) and released by Tundra Books in 2014 (North America). Visit your local library or purchase a copy from Every Breath today!

Main photo credit: YA author Trinity Doyle