Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson


Hunting Lila follows Lila Loveday, a seventeen year old girl who has discovered the power of telekinesis.

Thinking she is the only one to possess such a power, Lila keeps it a secret. Attacked on the streets of London, she is forced to reveal her power to the pair of muggers. Wanting to feel safe once again, Lila returns to her home country, America, to stay with her older brother Jack… and Alex, the guy she has been crushing on since she was eight. Even though supermodel look-a-like Rachel is also interested in Alex – who torments Lila every time they are together – Lila is still very persistent in her love toward Alex, even if she does not show it.

While staying with her brother, Lila learns that she is not the only one who possesses these superhuman powers. She also learns that others of her kind are called Psygens – or Psys – and that both her brother and the love of her life are hunting them down. And the leader of the group of Psys isn’t, in fact a very good one.

Overall, Lila is very confused as to who she should trust. The ones she loves, or the ones who know the struggle of living with these life-changing powers?


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I, for one, was gripped from the first page. Being a fan of sci-fi books, films and comic books, I was very unsure how Hunting Lila would turn out. I was pleasantly surprised as I found it better than most films I have enjoyed and comics that I have read! The action starts very early on and does not stop until the very last page. This, for me, was a book I could not put down. I finished it within four hours of buying it! Sarah Alderson truly offers so much in this book.

Lila’s character was very childish, immature and she quite obviously wallowed in self-pity (though she does grow very quickly with the help of her brother, swoon-worthy motorcyclist Alex and, I think, the comfort of being in her own country, the ‘land of the brave’). All characters in this book are very realistic and readers of any age will find them easy to relate to.

To those readers who were hoping for something strictly romantic and girlie by the red shoes and blue skirt on the cover, I warn you now – it’s not. Instead it is a sci-fi with a hint of knowledge and understanding of a seventeen year old girl’s brain. Hunting Lila should attract the readers of novels like Joss Stirling’s Finding Sky and Jus Accardo’s Touch. If you loved those, I think you might fall in love with Hunting Lila from the first sentence.