I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga


Barry Lyga’s I Hunt Killers is the edgy, dark YA trilogy that Dexter fans been waiting for.

You may have a soft spot for vampires, werewolves, and angsty elf romance interests… but what lurks in the shadows of these pages is far more horrifying, and far more human.

Meet Jasper “Jazz” Dent, your not-so-average high-schooler. Jazz’s father is Billy Dent, the world’s most notorious serial killer, who brutalised and killed an astonishing number of people. Even though Billy Dent is behind bars, Jazz still finds himself trying to escape his father’s shadow and the twisted voice inside his own mind. When a copy-cat killer starts mutilating the women of Lobo’s Nod in an all-too familiar pattern, Jazz is eager to lend the cops his very unique perspective to prove to them – and, more importantly, himself – that he’s nothing like his father. As Jasper’s mistakes pile up almost as high as the bodies, Jasper is forced to pay a visit to his old man and acknowledge just how similar father and son really are.

In Game, Jasper flies to New York City to serve as a consult to the FBI in tracking down the gruesome Hat-Dog Killer. Miles away from Lobo’s Nod, the last thing Jasper Dent expects is for things to turn personal. Unfortunately, Jasper isn’t the only one involved in the twisted game of the Hat-Dog Killer: his girlfriend, Connie, and his best-friend, Howie, find themselves players as well.

Blood of My Blood is Lyga’s thrilling conclusion to the I Hunt Killers trilogy and a truly sick carnival ride that will leave readers questioning everything they thought they knew about Jasper Dent. Lyga takes the high road following Game and doesn’t neatly pack away the blood-soaked mess that left readers gasping; instead, Blood Of My Blood drags us even further into the shadows in a race towards the twisted end.

I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent 1) is chalk-full of action, guts, and the kind of nervous laughter that might come from surviving a broken lift fall. Lyga gives us characters tormented by their own feelings and really seems to understand that, no matter how smart teenagers might be, they’re still going to make some horrible mistakes.

The I Hunt Killers trilogy is a must-read for teenage fans of HBO’s Dexter and everyone who has ever picked up a book from the YA section and thought it needed more oomph. Check out a copy from your local library or bookseller.

As an added bonus, Lyga features the prequels for the I Hunt Killers series on his Official Webpage. Profits from purchasing Blood Boy will benefit the Adam Lynch Award, a scholarship established by the Hemophilia Association of New York.