Rookie Yearbook 4 – Raising the Roof!

Rookie Yearbook 4 - Raising the Roof!

Rookie Magazine is like the best slumber party ever. You know, the one where all your friends are cool ’cause they’re honest and open and funny and care about things and don’t mind making a mess and all have different tastes and ASK and SHARE and THINK and HAVE FEELS and BELLY-LAUGH and oh hey that was a pretty great time you just had, is it okay to (A) never go home and (B) set up another slumber party really soon, like maybe tomorrow…

Rookies and graduates alike will know that every year Rookie brings out a bumper book full of goodness that you can hold in your hands. It looks great. It feels really nice and smooth-rough in your hands. And it’s full of gooooood stuff. Check it out…


Say everything by Amber, illustration by Leanna


We are what we love: Kelli’s interview with Laverne Cox, illustration by Kendra


Sister Sister photo series by Nafisa


Queens every day by Alyssa, styling by Amy Rose

Hopefully the mag screenshots above (taken really hastily in a bad light on our little phones, sorry!) give you just a taste of the delights in store in Rookie Yearbook Four, edited by Rookie founder Tavi Genvinson. You’ll find artwork, personal essays, activism and pretty inspiring photoshoots. You’ll find interviews with people like FKA twigs, Danyel Smith and Donna Tartt! Everything’s totally inclusive, full of real positivity, and there’s plenty to agree with, think about and make you just want to do something.

Rookie Yearbook Four is like a great big smile that lasts all year round. And who doesn’t want to wear a smile? Available in all good bookstores now, and online too!

Here at Mookychick we love Rookie beyond anything. It’s a party we never want to leave.