‘Sinner’ by Maggie Stiefvater


Maggie Stiefvater’s 2014 release, Sinner, is a story about messy, complicated love in the uncomplicated world of Los Angelos. Though a companion novel to Stiefvater’s Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy (a series about easy love in a messy, complicated world), Sinner is a complete and separate story in itself.

Cole St. Claire, lead singer of the hit band NARKOTICA, is back from a disappearing act that followed an apparent drug overdose on stage over a year ago. Cole is clean now, but the truth is that he’s found something better than drugs. That something might be Cole’s ability to inject a chemical cocktail that turns him into a wolf, or it might be Isabella.

Isabella Culpepper has constructed the semblance of a normal life from the remains of her parent’s crumbling marriage and the death of her brother, Jack. Jack died trying to cure himself from the strange condition that trapped him in a wolf’s body when the temperatures plummeted, so the last thing Isabella expects – or even wants – to see on her doorstep is the dangerous and wild Cole St. Claire.

Cole said he came back to LA for her. Is he lying, or is Isabella lying to herself? Stiefvater weaves a paranormal romance where the paranormal is an afterthought. This is not a story about werewolves; this is a story about Cole and Isabella trying to make a future when too much of the past is stuck between them.

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Both a perfect conclusion to the Wolves of Mercy Falls and a wonderful standalone novel, Sinner is a must-read in YA romance. Highly recommended to people who wished Keri Author’s YA books had less werewolves and more sexual tension, Sinner is available autographed from Stiefvater’s favourite independent bookshop, Fountain Bookstore, or available at your local library or bookshop.