Steampunk Tea Party Recipes with Miss Emilly Ladybird


Experience the most decadent and delectable treats in Steampunk Tea Party

Steampunk is steeped with makers and tinkerers. Food plays an integral part in its world, for what better playground is there to create and experiment? From steampunk dinner parties to duelling with tea or even drinking it (or la fee verte-summoning absinthe, if preferred), gastronomy is a beautifully oiled cog in the steampunk machine.


Steampunk Tea Party recipe: Lavender Creams

Wondering how to add a little je-ne-sais-steam* to your comestibles? Here’s adventuress Miss Emilly Ladybird to the rescue, with her recipe book of wonders! If you’ve ever wondered how to make a gin and tonic cake, you’ve come to the right place…

Steampunk Tea Party is absolutely stuffed with recipes, all of them steeped in the lore of an industrial age that Ada Lovelace would have yearned to see.


Steampunk Tea Party Recipe: Peppermint Venusian Delight

Join Miss Emilly Ladybird on a gastronomic adventure as she travels to bedazzling destinations. Her daring exploits (which frequently involve protecting Her Majesty’s tea and cake against Martians) are all marked with recipes to celebrate the occasion. Somehow, she always manages to arrive just in time for tea…


Steampunk Tea Party Recipe: Cog Cookies

(not for use in machinery)


Steampunk Tea Party Recipe: Absinthe Fairy Cake

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In this lovely recipe book you’ll find:

  • 30+ wondrous recipes for cakes, cookies, jams and drinks
  • Simple tips and tricks to to impress your VIGs (very important guests)
  • Steampunk embellishments offered by an experienced creatrix.


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Read our interview with Jema Hewitt, the lovely brain behind Miss Emilly Ladybird

 *’Je-ne-sais-steam’ is a truly hideous mangling of language. We know this…