Strange Angels – Supernatural YA by Lilith St. Crow

Strange Angels by Lilith St Crow

Ever since her mother died, Dru Anderson has lived on the road with her father, doing odd jobs that few people can and for good reason: Dru and her dad kill the monsters that go bump in the night. Despite having a little bit of the psychic touch from her grandmother, Dru is still stuck attending school and spending more time home alone than with her dad, so she’s not too worried when he doesn’t come home from a hunt right away.

What does worry Dru is when he comes home and tries to kill her.

Now alone, Dru has to solve the mystery of her father’s death and become a hunter of her own right, but it’s hard to do a job when you’re (sometimes literally) chasing ghosts. To make matters worse, Dru breaks one of her father’s cardinal rules and gets a civilian involved when she drags a goth boy named Graves out of the aftermath of a werewolf attack and into her life. Now, she’s left cleaning up father’s messes as well as her own, trying to uncover the secrets hidden by the enigmatic vampire, Christophe, and looking for answers to questions she doesn’t know.

A fast paced and exciting read, Strange Angels gives us a character who takes a step away from the cliché of Strong Female Character and closer towards that of a real girl. An excellent start to a great series, Strange Angels is highly recommended to fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, early seasons of Supernatural, and anyone who has wanted to read about girls and monsters without worrying about the heroine getting whisked away by a handsome knight.

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