Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz


This phenomenal YA novel is sharp and fierce and has swearing and magic gay fish in it. What more could anyone want?

Picture your house. Your life. Picture a magical island just… wherever. Just across the nearest ocean from wherever you live, maybe. Picture a cold, rocky island full of sick people who desperately don’t want to die. Picture a teenager called Rudy, forced to live with his family on this shitty little island, probably forever, because his little brother Dylan is sick. Very sick, in fact. The kind you don’t often make it back from. Like all the other sick people on the island, Dylan needs to feed on the local magical fish for his symptoms to go away. He needs to dine on these fragile, mysterious little Enki fish for the rest of his life… and that means Rudy is stuck on this rock forever.

Then Rudy meets Teeth, a fishboy with flaking scales and long teeth sharpened to impossible points who’s furious with the world and just whatever with it all and can’t even stay underwater for longer than three minutes before he’ll drown, so what kind of an excuse for a life is that?

And anyway, you don’t always choose who you fall in love with.

So when Teeth wants to save all his fishy Enki brothers and sisters from abusive fishermen, Rudy’s got a choice that only he can make. On the one hand, those little magical fish are the only thing that’s keeping Rudy’s little brother alive. On the other, there’s this fishboy who keeps getting under his skin…

Hannah Moskowitz’s stunning YA coming-of-age novel is full of stark realism, whimsy-free magic and believable characters who’ll take your last breath away. Teeth has a cruel bite. Let it hurl you on the rocks as you’re carried from start to finish on a single sweeping wave.

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