A Wrinkle In Time – now a hard/soft graphic novel


A Wrinkle in Time knocked on our door like a timelord and beckoned us into a wild world of tesseracts, moving through time and space, quantum physics and more. It helped make sense of wormholes with bits of cloth. You could put down your glass of juice in the kitchen, pinch two ends of your T-shirt together and understand something impossible.

It was an adventure. Meg wore glasses. This book was cool.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is a classic, always somewhere up there in the tip-top lists and reader polls for children’s books (any genre) and science fiction books (any age). You’re glad to have read it young, if you did. When you say you hold this book ‘dear to your heart’, you can really feel what that means. It’s like your heart does an extra beat that doesn’t quite fit, and has to expand a bit just to fit all the happy in.

It was sensitively adapted into a graphic novel by Hope Larson and published in 2012 to celebrate half a century since publication. Now, finally, in the month of May when all the new things go from bud to blossom, in the year of 2015, the graphic novel will be evolved further into a paperback.

In Matthew Jent’s interview for Comics Beat in February 2015, Hope Larson says:

Wrinkle is one of those books I returned to many times over my childhood and adolescence. My version will not and cannot take the place of the original, but maybe it will serve as a gateway to this story for kids who might not have found it otherwise. Hopefully those kids will go on to read the original, too. What’s meant [the most to] me is hearing that reluctant readers and kids with autism have found the adaptation useful and accessible. That validates my work as a cartoonist like nothing else.”

A Wrinkle in Time is available as the original book by Madeleine L’Engle and as a hardcover graphic novel adapted by Hope Larson, due to be released additionally as a paperback in 2015.