Bitch Planet: are YOU woman enough to survive?

bitch planet comic

Girl, are you non-compliant? Then head right on over to Bitch Planet, a feminist sci-fi splatterfest from Image Comics. This comic crackles with power and pulls no punches.

Bitch Planet is a women-in-prison movie you can hold in your hands, but you’ll get no lily-white leads here. See women of colour own the show! See women take up space because they know health comes in any size! See guts and brains and attitude! Even lifetime imprisonment on a prison planet can’t hold these women down. They are CAGED… and ENRAGED.

Previously known for Eisner-nominated mythic western Pretty Deadly and the rebranding of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, comics writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has teamed up with artist Valentine de Landro to create¬†a violent tour-de-force that’s hard, fast and in your face. It’s feminist sci-fi that takes you into grindhouse territory while smashing the patriarchy into crumbly bits one kidney-punch panel at a time.

With support and encouragement from Danielle Henderson (former Rookie editor and creator of Feminist Ryan Gosling), DeConnick has created a terrifying dystopian future where “non-compliant” women get sent to Bitch Planet – a hellish prison from which no-one ever returns.

If you’ve ever been cat-called in the street, or been forbidden to breastfeed in public, or felt like you had to change yourself in a hundred different ways after reading a women’s magazine, then you’ll know… girl, one way or another, we are all living on Bitch Planet.

Grit and grindhouse fans will be all over this comic like a rash. As the Mary Sue said, it’s like a seventies women-in-prison exploitation flick, but with actual characters. And if you’ve ever woken up, felt under your ribs and realised you somehow got the words “non-compliant” tattooed on the inside in your sleep, chances are you’re going to love it too.

Hey girl… Bitch Planet is available from Image Comics, Amazon and all good comic shops.