Black Butler manga review

Black Butler Manga


Step into an anime where demonic butlers love kittens, twelve-year olds are the head of a grand toy company, and where angels are the bad guys. Welcome to Black Butler.

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Simply One Hell of a Butler

Black Butler, also known as Kuroshitsuji, is a manga created by Yana Toboso that’s has been turned into an anime which I was introduced to by a friend of mine. The setting is Victorian London and Ciel Phantomhive is the last of his family. In order to exact revenge on his parent’s murderer, he makes a Faustian deal with a demon whom appears to take the form of a crow.

Soon after, Sebastian is named by Ciel and becomes his butler, serving his master’s every wish. Though once the contact is fulfilled and Ciel finds his parent’s murderer, then Sebastian will be able to eat Ciel’s soul. A little gruesome but it’s a filled with many jokes and beautiful characters like Sebastian who is a strange demon that likes cats so much that he gets distracted of the task at hand. Another thing I love about him is a line he often states which is a pun on his devilish nature, “I’m simply one hell of a butler.”

Characters Galore

Black Butler is one of those animes filled with characters that you love, hate, and just want to hug. You’re introduced to not only demons but angels who are seemingly good but not quite, ghosts who need to pass on, and Shinigamis (grim reapers or death gods if you will) who reap the souls of humans with their weapons. All the characters are unique in their own way.

First you meet Ciel Phantomhive who makes a deal with a demon. He’s just twelve-years old and already overseeing a large toy and sweets manufacturer called Funtom Company. He also works for the Queen in order to solve problems that plague England. He’s a cold and at many times emotionless due to his past being held captive as a slave by a cult. His story is sad and though he’s “the queen’s watchdog”, he’s still a young boy.

Always at Ciel’s side, saying “yes, my lord,” is Sebastian Michaelis. This demon is one who’s very seductive and ready to defend his master by any means. He also gets very frustrated at the others in Ciel’s staff due to their incompetence.

Others in the series are the three Phantomhive servants: Bardroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian who provide much of the comic relief for the series. Another is Tanaka who was the head butler before Sebastian but now is always seen drinking from a Japanese tea cup. Next is Grell Sutcliff, a shinigami who loves the color red. His death scythe (the weapon he uses to reap souls) is in the form a chainsaw, which is unsual since the series takes place in a Victorian era London. You also meet other nobles such as Ciel’s aunt, Madame Red and Ciel’s fiancee, Elizabeth Middleford. There are many more but it’s best to watch the anime or read the manga to see how they all tie in to Ciel and Sebastian.

That Butler, Friendship and The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World

With such a popular manga and anime, two musicals have been created and released.

The first was That Butler, Friendship which is about three new mysterious guests from Japan and the trouble that surrounds them when they arrive at Ciel Phantomhive’s manor for a ball.

The second is The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World which revolves around mysterious murders and two fallen Shinigamis. This is a beautiful musical with many of my favorite songs and it has also made me cry because of the beauty of two of the characters. Trust me, it’s a great one.

Both musicals can found on Youtube in parts to watch.

Demon butlers, Evil Angels, and Death Gods, Oh My!

Let me wrap this up so you can get to reading and watching by telling you of the amazing people who cosplay. Those who cosplay recreate the character’s signature looks so beautifully. If you’re ever a convention, keep an eye out for a Black Butler cosplayer…their outfits are to die for.

And in case you can’t go to a convention and see them, here is a fabulous tumblr blog dedicated to showing the cosplayers of this fabulous show.

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