Lenore – the comic about the cute little dead girl

Lenore comic cute little dead girl

Dear Lenore,

Lord bless you and the wonderful world you inhabit. Even if you rarely pay any attention to it. Being dead obviously helps those who are naturally free of spirit.

You are a child of your own whimsy and we salute your ability to follow it wherever it takes you. Whether you are being a ballerina at a funeral or fighting the combined forces of Heck, you never – well, rarely – lose your cool. And you have the kookiest dress sense this side of an afterlife.

Stay undead forever and we’ll keep Mr Taxidermy at bay.

Love, Mookychick xxx

Lenore Quotes:

“Fishy go pook pook.”

“The Froggie is sick. Hop Hop Hop. Stop being sick!”

“Pook pook.”

Lenore Best Known For:

Being dead and cute and little and essentially the cutest little dead girl you’ll ever find. Lenore is also best known for her friend, Ragamuffin, who was once a vampire, but whose soul has been forced to inhabit a fluffy toy, making him a vampire fluffy toy…

Mooky Background:

Lenore was created by the rather dashingly good looking (and only nine days younger than the author of this piece) artist and writer Roman Dirge around 14 years ago for Xenophobe Magazine. It eventually found its home with a publisher and a semi frequent comic was born.

Lenore is a dead girl who hangs around with a cuddly toy inhabited by the spirit of a vampire, the mysterious Mr Taxidermy, and stalked by a giant sock puppet called Mr Gosh. In superbly drawn and expertly timed little strips Lenore wanders around doing, in her own fashion, good deeds. She has the company of dead kittens (but they’re not dead when she takes them! She’s just a little, well, careless) and she should defnitely be kept away from hamsters.

Lenore has appeared in 12 issues of her own comic, three trade paperbacks and a series of Flash animations, which can be found online if you look hard enough.

Lenore Least Known For:

Her love of animals. Or her understanding of anything that’s going on around her. At all. Ever. Or for being published in colour. (Except for the latest trade paperback.)

Mooky Factor:

Huge. Massive. The face that should be tattooed on every Mookychick is Lenore’s. She’s smart and caring and likes to play with her friends, not to mention (to paraphrase Beetlejuice) that we’re talking about a dead girl. She appeals to the little chickie inside us all that just wants to dance and caper and play.

And her eyes are so hypnotic…