Lucky Star Anime – Perfect For Watchng With Your Friends

lucky star anime


If you love randomness, live for being eccentric, and don’t mind pointless plots in the slightest then Lucky Star is the anime for you!

Lucky Star is, as its optimistic name suggests, 100% feelgood. Filled with witty girl humour, this anime is filled with charming characters that will have you shouting “Yikes! That is so what my best friend would say!” – in fact, with any luck your friends will be sitting next to you to confirm that, as this is a buddy-anime worth watching in company. Oh, and the adorable upbeat theme song will probably make you want to get your friends together – even if they’re in their forties – and learn the Lucky Star Cheer Dance…

The anime stars four typical Japanese sailor-suit-wearing high school girls – oh, you know how anime schoolgirls love their sailor suits. The story follows them on their meandering teenage misadventures, from how to properly cook Japanese food, to hissy fits, cell phones that fall in the washer to whether or not glasses really ruin your vision. It’s lovely, clean, simple stuff, but these girls never have a boring day.

Konata Izumi (sometimes known as ‘Kona-chan’) is a typical, blue-haired game, manga, and anime-wild otaku. She’s lazy and procrastinates often. She is also considered childish but good-natured. Despite her laziness she is very capable of getting good grades and participating in school sports. But her otaku hobbies keep her too busy to partake in such ‘trivial’ activities.

Kagami Hiiragi is a purple-haired straight-A student who is the more serious and mature member of the group. She is also the older fraternal twin sister of Tsukasa Hiiragi. She and Konata are polar opposites, so they are more prone to have arguments than anyone else. Kagami acts as a kind of clucky-hen mother to Konata, who responds as if she were a rebellious child.

Tsukasa Hiiragi also has purple hair, like her older fraternal twin sister. She’s clumsy, soft-spoken and doesn’t have any major talents in anything but cooking. Because of her immature shyness she is considered to be the baby of the group. Poor Tsukasa!

Miyuki Takara is a pink-haired girl from a wealthy family. Tsukasa sometimes refers to her as “Yuki-chan”. She is multi-talented in school studies, singing, and some sports. Whenever her friends have a question about whatever random subject they are discussing they often turn to Miyuki for an answer. Oddly, she not only usually has the answer but she tends to recite it as if she was reading it out of a musty old textbook.

This anime is the best when you are watching it with your girlfriends. It’ll more than likely cause a long discussion about whatever random topic the four lucky stars come up with. Or you will end up rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter. Or delight at or how adorable the characters are. Whatever the side-affects, because everyone is different, it will no doubt leave you begging for a little more lucky star joy-fluff in your life.