North 40 comic

North 40 comic

Wildstorm Comics presents North 40, a miniseries in which a D&D freak and a misanthropic girl find an old book of hell magic and turn their town into a living nightmare peopled with lovesick zombies and giant junkyard robots…

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Writer Aaron Williams has a way with devils. He knows how they walk, how they talk, and what their favorite late night snacks are. Lucky for him, Fiona Staples knows how to set them loose on the pages of North 40, a mini-series published by Wildstorm and recently bound in trade form. Get ready for a demon apocalypse like you’ve never seen.

What happens when two twenty-something-year-olds – one a Dungeons and Dragons nerd and the other a people-hating girl with mono color fashion taste – open a book stuffed with old magic? Demons and all sorts of tentacled nasties start crawling out of the woodwork and go to town on Conover County. The two bored students have awoken a primeval power, and now they’re are playing puppet masters with the forces of good and evil.

Some citizens were hit with the nicer end of the primeval stick, while others have been transformed into horrible mutant monstrosities. At first, North 40 slams us with a flip book of characters and places, and we’re left scrambling to make sense of all that’s happening. But the plot threads of the comic knit together within the first of six issues, building a colourful dossier of expressive, interesting characters. Sheriff Morgan takes the moral high ground, recruiting a now invincible teenager named Wyatt in an effort to win back the town, which has not only been overrun with lovesick zombies, giant junkyard robots, and colossal squids, but also the rowdy and trigger-happy Atterhull boys. Meanwhile, a wise witch picks a young girl named Amanda as her apprentice, hoping to combat the evil bubbling underfoot.

Aaron Williams infuses as much personality into every page as Fiona Staples does every vibrant panel, a rainbow of colours and roguesÂ’ gallery of imaginative fiends. North 40 wins your affection from the get-go, and from start to finish never lets up on the action, the entertainment and the six-eyed, hillbilly crazies.