Meet my favouritest free online comics…

Meet my favouritest free online comics...

They say comics are the new rock’n’roll. Okay, they said that in the eighties, but they’re saying it again…

I will admit that I only started reading comics a year or so ago. Some dude I was doing the smooches with was a big comic nerd, and he even wrote some himself, and I will not lie to you: I thought it was pretty not-interesting. I mean, he was a pretty smart guy, but I thought picture books for adults was a bit silly. Still, I had a crack and read some comics and it turns out comics are rad!

The best type of anythings is freethings, so in true Mooky fashion, I present to you a list of my favourite webcomics that will warm your cockles, as well as not cost you a dime! Nerd on, Mooks, nerd on!

Indie Tits
Written & illustrated by: Jeph Jacques
A bunch of birds talking about music, internet geeks and LAN gaming. Responsible for my excessive use of the word cloaca of late. Irreverent, risible and kinda gross. Jeph also writes which is just as awesome.

The Girlybird Gets The Worm
Written & illustrated by: Mitchell Landsman

Described by the artist as “the adventures of the thinly veiled characters in the daily comic journal of Mitchell Landsman”, this comic is a peek into the gloriously normal life of a worm and a bird in love, their cats and their friends. I think I’ve developed a comic ladycrush on Pam and her cute little birdie facial expressions.

Diesel Sweeties
Written & illustrated by: R. Stevens

Pixelated comic about a bunch of robots and humans all falling in and out love with each other. It’s pretty incestuous as far as webcomics go, which makes it like any good daytime television show, only exceedingly cooler. R Stevens is pretty good at the sassy one-liners too, so you’ll slowly start to notice his catchphrases sneaking into your dialogue…

Written & illustrated by: Kelly Vivanco (main picture)

The cutest comic on the internet, chronicling the lives of two small furry animals (who aren’t even sure themselves what species they are). Recurring characters Steven the Invisible Kitten and Baby Dango will bring tears of joy to your eyes – this is the type of comic you want to bundle up into a warm blanket, feed hot soup to and coo at all day, and although it’s drawn to a close now, you can start from the beginning.

Remember, these brilliant comickers have to pay their rent too, so buy one of their books, shirts or other merchandise if you can. If they don’t sell merch, most of them will gladly accept loving donations for their hard work and dedication to bringing you the sweetest comics on the web. Most of them do other types of art as well, so look for links to other websites for more ways to spend your cash to feed these hungry illustrators.

The other great thing about web comickers is that they all love each other so much, they do guest strips for one another! So if you scout around enough, you can find your favourite artists drawing like your other favourite artists and making the whole comic family a big warm group hug of sharey goodness. I wish I could draw, just so I could be in the middle of that group hug. All those cool peeps probably do rad stuff like hang out at comic conventions together and tell in-jokes and generally just be superfresh. Oh, to be a Twitter friend. Sniff. I could die happy.