Frightfrest here we come!

Frightfest 2007 brings the most exiting in visceral display, shock and schlock to Leicester Square this bank holiday weekend…

For those Londeners wise enough not to attempt the lemming-like mass exit of the big smoke come the last bank holiday of the year, and particularly for horror fans, an annual treat is in store in the shape of Frightfest !

Frightfest is an annual horror film festival which premieres some brilliant new horror, from the psychological to the utterly ridiculous. The selection is fantastically international; last year’s closing movie was Host, the South Korean monster movie which went on to take the world by storm as the new Godzilla.

This year’s offerings include Black Sheep, which features, yes, well, you may have guessed it, zombie sheep, Waz, a film noir taken to extremes and Disturbia, a remake of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. The programme is as diverse as you like so whether it’s cringe-inducing fun with its tongue firmly in its cheek, or something which will genuinely keep you up at night, Frightfest is a must not miss for filmgoers interested in something a little out of the ordinary.

True, on a bank holiday weekend there is an argument which says why sit inside for three days watching horror, to which I reply, well it’s hardly park weather anyway now is it? Pick a couple of things and broaden your horizons, people.