John Carter Official Movie Trailer

John Carter Official Movie Trailer

Ladies, gentlemen, don your monacles / opera spyglasses and peruse the official film trailer for Disney’s steampunk-ish JOHN CARTER at your earliest convenience! We plan to watch it wearing rose-tinted brass goggles.

Our clockwork hearts are beating tremulously at the thought of JOHN CARTER – a sweeping action-adventure set on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Whatever. It’s actually Mars, yo). John Carter’s extraordinary adventures (first imagined by the delicious Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912, when his fictional hero was still known as John Carter of Mars) served as inspiration for many filmmakers past and present. In his most recent brush-up and dust-off, this film tells the story of war-weary ex-military captain and Virginian resident John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who becomes inexplicably transported to Mars to become reluctantly embroiled in an epic civil war amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and Barsoomian Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands. Well, of course it does!

Steampunk has always had a great love of (a) Atlantis and (b) Mars, so we’re gently glowing (okay, perspiring. Okay, sweating buckets) with excitement at the thought of John Carter’s travails being brought to the big screen. The dialogue may be Disney, but the heart is true. We’ll probably watch it wishing it was just a little bit… better. But – until a really, really good steampunk movie comes out – we’re prepared to look at the world through rose-tinted brass goggles.

Huzzah for John Carter! Huzzah for Steampunk permeating into society! Huzzah for Barsoom, Cydonia and Mars!

John Carter of Mars - Disney

John Carter – Disney

John Carter of Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs (1912)