Korean TV Show Mystery Queen Is Like Sherlock With A Female Star

korean tv show mystery queen

Mystery Queen is a brand-new Korean TV drama where a housewife puts the skills she’s learned from mystery novels into practice!

Why give up your dreams when you grow up? Housewife Yoo Seol-Ok (Mystery Queen‘s Sherlock figure, played by Choi Kang Hee) has always loved mystery novels. She gave up her ambitions to become a detective after she married, but fate intervenes. When she meets hard-boiled detective Ha Wan-Seung (Kwon Sang Woo, cast in the role of Watson) it seems that life has more than one mystery to throw her way. Those cases simply won’t solve themselves, and all the skills that Yoo Seol-Ok has picked up from her mystery novels make her more than equal to the task!

Also known as The Queen of Mystery, this brand-new comedy drama aired just this week on KBS 2TV and has already drawn ridiculous high ratings. The good news is that there will be sixteen episodes in its premier season.

Directed by Kim Jin Woo and Yoo Young Eun with a script by Lee Sung Min, Mystery Queen is definitely one to watch out for. Viewers outside Korea can keep an eye out for it on US streaming service Viki.com, and let’s hope it hits other streaming hubs and services like Netflix soon.

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