It’s official: Doctor Who season 9 has woman writer

Doctor Who Missy season 8

Good news, everyone!

It’s been six years since Doctor Who was last penned by a woman, and that writer was Helen Raynor (who scripted ‘Daleks in Manhattan’ and ‘Evolution of the Daleks’ in Season 3, along with ‘The Sontaran Stratagem’ and ‘The Poison Sky’ in season 4).

It’s no secret that many have considered the work of Steven Moffat to be problematic, with numerous concerns raised about sexism, quite a lot of sexism actually, ageism and the way he’s dealt with race. There’s also been vocal appreciation for the agency of his lesbian characters, the increasingly rounded characterisation of Clara, the sheer awesomeness of Missy and the penning of multiple episodes where female characters have passed the Bechdel Test (two women talk to each other about something other than a man). There’s been a whole rainbow range of deeply-felt reactions to the reboot and ensuing seasons of Doctor Who, which must surely be currently one of the most-analysed TV shows in the world.

The hiring of Catherine Tregenna to write an episode in season 9 is certainly another step in the right direction. Tregenna’s previous credits include four episodes of Torchwood, so she’s clearly familiar with the Doctor Who landscape. We hugely look forward to her take on the Doctor, just as we always look forward to the fresh work of guest writers.

For absolute certainty that this move has been given the go-ahead, we’ll need to see the official writer line-up once it’s announced by the BBC. On the upside, the Doctor Who credit has been listed on Catherine Tregenna’s CV so there’s reason to be optimistic!

Anyway, of course she should write Doctor Who.

Like, Tregenna?

Anyone with a surname like that was born to either write the script or go the whole hog and get the sonic screwdriver and revive the little metal dog.

Tregenna getting a guest slot is a happy-making thing (and if we could avoid some kind of  ‘oh no, a woman penning an entire episode of Doctor Who? Next they’ll be selling feminazi wigs in Primark’ cry-frenzy, that would be wonderful and – let’s look on the bright side – maybe not impossible!)

What with the introduction of the first female writer in six years, superb Peter Capaldi and Missy proving to be all kinds of wonderful, we’re hugely looking forward to a new season of Doctor Who next year. Bring on season 9!

This story was brought to our attention by Alicia Lutes for The Nerdist and also Cultbox. Many thanks to both.