Teenage wasteland – the slasher movie uncut

Teenage wasteland - the slasher movie uncut

Every horror film fan with a soft spot for slasher films would do well to pick up ‘Teenage wasteland – the slasher movie uncut’. Explore the roots of slasher films and discover thousand of hidden film gem thrills…

There comes a point in every horror film fan’s life when they note the huge quality gap between ‘Halloween’ (good old screamy Jamie Lee Curtis!) and ‘House of Wax’ but must confess that – to varying degrees – they enjoyed both. Hah! Slasher film fan alert.

Slasher films are hardly the critics’ darlings. They’re the runt of the horror litter. Screaming co-eds, scary ‘jump’ moments, only one victim making it out alive… this is what the slasher movie is all about, yet it isn’t ashamed of it. In fact, slasher films are proud of knowing the formula for a good slasher movie and delighting in it.

Slasher film production reached its peak in the 80s but slasher films have a fine pedigree with elements as steeped in tradition as film noir. Teenage Wasteland: The Slasher Movie Uncut by JA Kerswell is a wonderfully entertaining book that takes you on a journey through the life and times of slasher films, giving you not only old favourites but hundreds of hidden film gems to add to your movie collection.

A horror film fan’s dream, ‘Teenage Wasteland’ begins with a smart intro charting the birth and rise of the slasher movie, taking into account all its stylistic elements and roots in giallo (italian exploitation/visceral horror films).

The rest of the book is packed with well-written reviews of slasher films, including eye candy movie posters. Although insightful and funny, the reviews are short – they quickly tell you what you need to know and let the posters do the talking. This great book will keep you firmly on the track of slasher films, unlike sites like IMDB which encourage grazing and getting lost.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll know everything there is to know about slasher films – and, most importantly, you’ll build up a huge collection of films you’ve never heard of but now feel a genuine need to watch. A must for horror film fans.