Wonder Woman 2 – first look photos and title reveal. Welcome to Wonder Woman 1984

wonder woman 1984

Recently released photos for Wonder Woman 1984 suggest that it’s going to live up to its new name…

Director Patty Jenkins (Monster, The Killing) has teamed up once more with Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman 2, with production underway.

The sequel has been given a fresh new title. Welcome to Wonder Woman 84!

In further news, Patty Jenkins tweeted today that Steve Trevor is going to return – and the action is going to take place in the eighties.

Judging from the photos below, Steve probably won’t be in his sixties. Nature finds a way. And when nature doesn’t play along, comics have a way of bending time and space to make the magic happen.

Previous announcements include confirmation that The Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig, will appear as a supervillain.

wonder woman 1984

It’s impossible at this stage to know what Diana Prince will make of the decade which spawned J.R. Ewing.

wonder woman 1984 steve trevor

Welcome to 1984, Steve Trevor.

The attention to detail in the photo above is admirable – the hair, the demin, the post-punk touch of new romantic in the character on the far right. You can expect nothing but the best from Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming. The waistcoat nods to the seventies that weren’t such a distant past, but the tracksuit screams “this is the future. We’re all wearing tracksuits made of shiny stuff now. We’re ready to eat neon ice-creams in space.”

The initial release of Wonder Woman was considered a surprise success, amassing $822 million at the worldwide box office. But was the surprise really necessary? Wonder Woman featured a compelling story, glossy action, classy humour, a woman at the helm both on and off-screen and a truth lassoo. The world was ready.

1984: Diamante or dystopia?

It will be intriguing to learn more about choice to set the action in 1984, with so many other years in that decade to choose from. The recent photo above of Diana Prince looking at a wall of TV screen has a gritty, dystopian feel – and one can’t help thinking of George Orwell’s novel of the same name. Diana will always fight for peace, truth, justice. For the oppressed. Scrape away the new romantic bouffants and jumpsuits, and what manner of social darkness may Diana have to contend with? All will be revealed in November.

Wonder Woman 1984 will open in cinemas in November 2019.

From these teaser looks, I’m reminded of what Diana said to the vendor when she was served her first-ever ice cream:

“It’s wonderful. You should be very proud.”