Amanda Palmer Daily Mail Song


Video of the new Amanda Palmer Daily Mail song performed in response to tabloid coverage of her bubs at Glastonbury 2013. Hilarious, true and… enjoy.

Video: Amanda Palmer Daily Mail Song

Amanda Palmer’s new Daily Mail song is a response to tabloid coverage of her bubbies not her music at Glastonbury 2013

This hastily recorded video of “Dear Daily Mail” has decent sound quality, which is the important thing. Lighting was poor so you may not be able to fully witness AFP’s kimono moment, revealing a map of Tasmania. Sorry. Our recording iPad Mini was either tired, lazy or heavily into censorship…

On the 29th of June 2013, a nameless Daily Mail reporter outdid themselves with a news piece entitled “Making a bubby of herself! Amanda Palmer’s bubby escapes her bra as she performs on stage at Glastonbury”. You can Google it.

Essentially, Amanda’s bubby (a bit of Victorian slang there) went free-range at her Glastonbury gig (where she very nearly got Liam Gallagher to come onstage and give her a bouquet of flowers during her Oasis song, and after moments of besument he said he had to be somewhere but otherwise he would have done it).

Amanda tucked her bits back into her bra. Because there’s nothing as organic and as balanced between order and spontaneity as an Amanda Palmer show, she incorporated it into the music performance and went on with the set. Mentioning this as part of a news story about the show and the performance wouldn’t have been a problem, because bosoms by their very nature are somewhere between desperately ordinary and hugely exciting.

But making it the only feature of the story? Completely disregarding the gig? And, indeed, Amanda’s other clothed mammary gland, thus possibly creating mammarian rivalry? Oh, silly Daily Mail. Although it’s hardly the first time you’ve been lacking in the generosity, love and joy department, you misogynist pile of twots.

The Daily Mail’s wording of the piece made Amanda’s bubby sound like a wild animal tearing free of its constraints and galloping wilfully round the stage.

There was some heavily shame-mongering language in the piece: “embarrassing wardrobe mistake” (oh god, so embarrassing, so humiliating. Bubby-creatures, if this ever happens to you, hide in a cupboard and consider your failure at length. Encase your bubbies in duct tape and a hessian sack next time).

There was some gratuitous titillation disguised as presentation of facts, with key Mills & Boon phrases repeated multiple times for good measure:

“After rearranging her bra Amanda ripped her shirt fully open…”

“Despite suffering the embarrassing wardrobe mistake Amanda managed to rearrange her bra, before ripping her shirt completely open.”

Hang on a moment. Did Amanda Palmer rip her shirt completely open? You’ve only told us twice; we need to be sure.

There was, naturally, reference to her sexuality and age. She’s a woman, dammit! You need to know these things! You need to know about her bra and her age and who she sleeps with or might sleep with and, of course, the incredibly important fashion thing of what she wears (a pair of red velvet jeans and black arm bands, for “the American singer is not shy when it comes to her style”, which is the most horridly cutesy phrase ever).

At no point did the review address her performance or her music. A shame, that.

I hope you enjoy the video. I hope you enjoy everything that Amanda Palmer does. Once again, she puts herself out on the line in an attempt for us all to feel free, for just a moment, for a lifetime if we can, together. Brave and wonderful people do this all the time, but she does it more than most.

This video was recorded and shared with the permission of Amanda Palmer who invited the crowd to video the song and get it into the hands of the Daily Mail if they so chose.

A review of AFP’s London gig will be forthcoming, too. It was lovely and brave and emotional and true. I wanted you all to be there, and was so happy to discover that so many of you were.

Crowdsurfing at London 2013…