Babymetal To Play At Sonisphere UK

Babymetal To Play At Sonisphere UK

Japanese heavy metal phenomenon Babymetal to play live in the UK at Sonisphere. GIMME CHOCOLATE!!

Babymetal – where to even begin? This wonderful band is what happened when a teenage trio spliced Icon Pop with Heavy Metal. Their “Gimme Chocolate!!” YouTube video has had over 5 million views and the world is still recovering.

Have you seen the “Gimme Chocolate!!” video? Oh you must.

Now it’s all a bit exciting because Babymetal are about to make their UK debut at Sonisphere, joined by the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Alice in Chains. Whatever will the purists will say? Opinion may be divided but, let’s face it, Babymetal genuinely fill a gap in the musical genre. Heavy metal is here to stay… and now it’s going to (sometimes) sing about chocolate.


The band are really excited to be hitting the UK. Singer Su-Metal says: “I hope to deliver a one and only, unique style metal – BABYMETAL. This will be our very first time in the UK, which makes us nervous yet excited just imagining what type of people will come and see us, what sort of show it will end up being, and whether the audience will enjoy our show.”

Babymetal fans are not the only ones with butterflies in their stomach at news of the Sonisphere line-up. Su-Metal is thrilled the prospect of seeing “Metallica-san” again after first witnessing them in the Summer Sonic festival in Japan.

Does Su-Metal have a final word for her UK fans?

“Put your KITSUNE sign up!! See you!!”