Burgess and Maclean

Burgess and Maclean

Have you heard… Burgess and Maclean?

Music genre: Pop rock alternative new wave. There’s nothing like a label 🙂

Website: http://burgessandmaclean.co.uk

Myspace: www.myspace.com/burgessmaclean/

The members of Burgess and Maclean formed in Cambridge, and hail from American, England and Japan. We think they might be an unsigned band, because you only seem able to buy their albums online. They are VERY mysterious.

They charmingly believe they make pop music which is very catchy while being enthusiastic. What they actually make is pop rock alternative new wave. Strange, surreal, engaging but slightly disturbing music you feel the urge to wear top hats and drink blue drinks to.

And they have titles like “Hate your apple”, “Do you want really marry me”, and “My Hair My Nude.”

Burgess and Maclean’s no-doubt entirely fictional biography:

Bernard Burgess composes, and Fiona Maclean writes lyrics (okay, we believe this bit).

Because Bernard is an argumentative and depressive person, other members think gloomily…

Bernard says: “I think that there is not the necessity that all the musicians are high tension or cool. I do not look like that at least. Members of my band are only as for the child and the eccentrics. Without in high tension, Without in cool style, what is done by my band? I cannot but do it to want to do it. I am not concerned with depression either.”

Fiona is still 10 years old! Neither her English nor Japanese nor singing are particularly good. Her motivation is short halfway… (we’re not convinced by this bit, as she sings very nicely and doesn’t sound 10…)

Fiona says: “Poor Bernard ! To be able to make a band only with a child like me, and with old abnormal people such as the other members ! Oh, Bernard is abnormal enough, too. Only I want to be a common sense person. Because when I become an adult, the world will become worst.”

Ash is Fiona’s uncle. He is very poor at playing the guitar, but worried about Fiona and joined the band. He is a gentle alcoholic at heart. (Fiction! Pure fiction! He may be a gentle alcoholic, we can’t verify this. But Fiona’s uncle? Lies!)

Ash says: “The reason why I join in the band is not that I want to play the guitar. The reason is because I want to protect my niece Fiona from eccentrics like f*ckin’ Smily ! Furthermore, there may be an eccentric in the fan of her. It’s so difficult, but I get power of the alcohol and do my best. Will only my appearance seem to be a guitarist?”

The other two members are slightly abnormal, too. (By this point, we’re so confused on reading the band’s biography, we’re not convinced there even are another two members. However, if they do genuinely exist, they are apparently called Muffin Cairncross and Smily Blunt.)

If Smily Blunt actually exists, he says this: “Why am I called smiley ? Because I smile whenever I watch a woman. But please do not misunderstand it ! There is not an indecent thought, and the reason is because it is only beautiful. Because Fiona is a child still more, it does not arrive at the beauty that I think about. I want to play the bass beautifully. Thank you.”

If Muffin actually exists, he says this: “I cannot part with major tranquilizers. As for Bernard, minor tranquilizers seem to be preference. The drugs is necessary to live in such world. Oops, is such a thought a problem ? It depends on the kind of the drug. Think that it is the silly talk of the old man, and take no notice!”

There. We hope that’s cleared up the matter. You may now listen to their music, and decide for yourself.