CSS Lovefoxxx

CSS Lovefoxxx

Have you heard… CSS?

Music genre: Electro music

CSS and lead singer Lovefoxxx wear glitter catsuits on stage, have plastic ball wars with their fans, and are impossibly fun and sexy. And yet ‘CSS’ stands for the Brazilian for ‘I got tired of being sexy’…

Cansei de Ser Sexy (“I got tired of being sexy” in Brazilian Portuguese) got their name from Beyonce, of all people! Apparently she was quoted as saying “I got tired of being sexy” and the name stuck.

Which is bad luck, really, because CSS in general (and lead singer Lovefoxxx in particular) are impossibly sexy. Exuberant, latino, electric sounds with wild cssd vocals, fond of wearing rainbow glitter catsuits – then stripping on stage to reveal a lemon yellow satin catsuit – in a live show Lovefoxxx leaps around like Bjork if Bjork actually leaped around, and Lovefoxxx and CSS have the best music and the best stage presence and the very best attitude to life.

CSS songs have an electro/rock sound, and are sung in both English and Portuguese; their lyrics mostly concern pop culture – love of the good things, and making fun of the bad things.

A bit of history? CSS started meeting in basements. They started getting known on the internet and the Brazilian underground club scene. Without knowing how to play the instruments set before them, a girl (Lovefoxxx) forgot her guitar and was given the microphone instead. She was suddenly able to yell stuff out! It fits. The group expanded to six people – a guy trying out his new drums and a bunch of girls with guitars. Handclaps and one crappy keyboard. Fuelled by disgust at the empty swagger of faux artists, and to celebrate uncelebrity, a name was chosen: CSS.

Are they good outside of music? Hell, yeah. That too. CSS are life artists: Lovefoxxx is a very gifted designer, Ana studies cinema, Ira is a fashion designer, Carolina works with graphic design. Luiza is in art school.

Lovefoxxx says of their live act, which stormed festivals in 2007 from Lollapolooza (okay, they missed that one, but only because they got held back at an airport) and Glastonbury: “Each of these nights turns into an adventure. Everything can happen: plastic ball wars between the band and the audience, stage divings, panties showing, male underwear thrown to the stage (and back)…”

At the beginning of 2006, CSS signed with Sub Pop (hoo.RAH! Sub Pop, Mookychick salutes you!) to release “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above”.

CSS caught an unlikely break when their song “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” was used in a worldwide television commercial by Apple Inc. for the iPod Touch. Any song called “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” should be listened to at least four times a day.

CSS have come to save the world, to laugh and make love to it, and in indie terms they’re huge. Lovefoxxx has decreed that the world should explode. Spread the word!