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electrocute - youth novels

An LA band conceived of and formed in Berlin, Electrocute experiment to produce some of the most modern electro sounds, their dark Berlin heart constantly raging a fantastic musical war with their natural LA surfpunk glee…

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Electrocute is a Los Angeles-based electro band originally formed in Berlin. Britishers don’t normally associate LA with electro, but the name’s right, and the Berlin pedigree is impeccable!

‘Kleiner Dicker Junge’ means ‘little fat boy’ in Geman…

Electrocute’s current band members Nicole Morier and Legs Le Brock (Mia Dime and Holly Doll are no longer in the band) describe themselves as ‘mean guitar and electronic soup chicks who play twisted pop, iggy pot, baddass low down and dirty lolli bop music’.

They make stripped-down music on whatever machines or weird electronics the can find in their cramped studio, which they call the ‘Gummi Zelle’ (loosely translated from german as ‘Rubber Room’). Their noissome electro sound is held together with a barrage of edgy guitar riffs, sassy lyrics brimming with sarcastic wit, and further compacted with a catchy charm that will delight the pop-hook slut in everyone.

What’s worth listening to? Collaborating with mega producer and master remixer Junkie XL, the power-pop electro duo Electrocute their On The Beat in the spring of 08. According to the trustworthy opinion of muso-blogger Muumuse, On The Beat combines the lighthearted glee of ’60’s beach party music, garage band punk, and the throbbing pulses of today’s most modern electro sounds, the girl’s six track mini-album provides a quick, powerful thrust of addictive energy in just over twenty minutes.

Electrocute has got the word ‘electro’ in it, because that’s the music they do, and ‘cute’, because what the girls are (in the way a sharp plastic neon knife is cute), and it’s also ‘electrocute’, which is a very exciting and dangerous word indeed. Anyone thinking of band names, take note – these electropopmeisters know what they’re doing! They’re here to rock your world, pop your psych-cherry and make your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/mum/dad jealous.