The silver voice of Eliza Rickman will hold you spellbound

Eliza Rickman

“Hi, I’m Eliza Rickman,” she says as she comes on stage. “Eliza as in Doolittle, and Rickman as in Professor Snape. It sounds ridiculous but you’ll never forget it…”

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Eliza Rickman is a wandering croonstress on an eternal tour. Living out of suitcases, she relies on gigs and goodwill from music-lovers worldwide to keep her show on the road. Whatever she wears – whether it’s birds in her hair or the long gowns of a doomed queen – it’s her silver voice that will captivate you. See how it soars and mourns over a dizzying array of instruments, all sure to give you percussion envy! Catch her on tour and you’ll gorge on everything from autoharps to toy pianos and lush combi bells, all laid out to be picked up when the song demands it.

Eliza RickmanĀ  teamed up with Jason Webley (accordionist, musical vagabond, artichoke-eater and friend of Amanda Palmer) to produce her latest album, Footnotes for the Spring. You can now listen to Lark of My Heart, a track from the new album:

All shadow and shimmer, the overall experience of listening to Eliza Rickman is pretty much exactly like watching exquisite flocks of birds fly high above a ruined landscape in a world full of relentless night and sparkling mountainside pools. It is dark, but it is playful, too. Eliza’s nature in her music and her work is to explore, and to play.

Eliza Rickman keeps good musical company apart from her producer, too. She frequently plays live on that most delicious of podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale. She has also recently conducted a bloody amazing tour with gloompop maven She Makes War (see our She Makes War interview with Laura Kidd).

Eliza Rickman: “Pretty Little Head”

(This song was featured on Welcome To Night Vale Episode 45).

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