Emilie Autumn Fight Like a Girl Tour 2013


Lace up those corsets, clip in those hair extensions and prepare for the wonderful world of Emilie Autumn and her band of Bloody Crumpets!

Lace up those corsets and clip in those DIY hair extensions. Peruse a short yet informative guide to Victoriandustrial style and culture, and prepare for the wonderful world of Emilie Autumn and her band of Bloody Crumpets! Emilie Autumn has been my idol and inspiration, since I first laid eyes on her in Kerrang! magazine back in 2010. This year I finally had the opportunity to see her perform live at Rock City in Nottingham for her ‘Fight Like a Girl’ tour. Never have I had so much fun or laughed so much at a concert before. Mind you, this isn’t any normal concert. Going to see Emilie Autumn is much more than that; it’s a full on stage performance complete with props, costume changes, acts and sketches. The singer-songwriter, author, actress, poet and musician Emilie Autumn puts on a show you’re not likely to forget.

After the crowd waited excitedly, Emilie Autumn’s entrance began with smoke and old-fashioned music straight out of an Victorian music hall. No support bands or acts… the only introduction this girl needs is a song from the past to get you into the Victorian spirit.

Onto the stage (where a set had been made of bars, gates and warnings about mental patients) and through the ‘gates of the Asylum’ emerged one Emilie Autumn’s Bloody Crumpets, Captain Maggot. Dressed like a steampunk pirate (complete with corset, hat, sword and stage makeup) she moved mechanically through the gates and took to the stage with a resounding cheer from the crowd. The illustrious second Bloody Crumpet followed soon after, with burlesque feathers adorning her hair; Veronica Varlow (also known as ‘the Scarlet Harlot’ and ‘Naughty Veronica’).

After they had made their entrance, Emilie Autumn herself appeared in the gates of the Asylum, complete with Mohawk headdress and corset with a tattered bustle. She opened the set with the new track’Fight Like a Girl’ (which I think is not only one of the strongest songs on the latest album but also one of the strongest she has ever written). Empowering to say the least, EA took over the stage and captured the audience with fists in the air and a ‘take no crap from anyone’ attitude.

Her whole ‘Fight Like a Girl’ album (see the Mookychick review) has been based on the idea of taking everything which makes women appear weak, and turning them around to a girl’s advantage. However that’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable for the whole audience. I went with my boyfriend and his best friend and although neither of them were that into EA and didn’t really know what she stands for, they still had a great time. I had presented my boyfriend with her music beforehand, and he hadn’t seemed that keen, so naturally I was a bit nervous about taking him. But he seemed to really enjoy himself – and it always helps you get the most out of a gig when you know your loved ones are enjoying it too! They were however, surprised that cupcakes were thrown into the crowd, instead of the generic water, beer and drumsticks that the audience are usually bombarded with at your average rock concert.

The whole show lasted 4 hours (including a halfway intermission) and included stilt walking, feather fan dancing and, rather charmingly, a great comedy act based on someone’s fan fiction about an eroto-scene between EA and Veronica Varlow. Along with songs from her latest album, EA included melodies such as ‘The Art of Suicide’ which is a lot softer compared with other songs, but never the less extremely beautiful and powerful. She ended the set with an uplifting, high-spirited rendition of ‘One Foot in Front of the Other’ – a lovely reminder to keep on going, no matter what you face.

I left with some fine inspiration for a tattoo based on her songs, my very own Emilie Autumn ‘Fight Like a Girl’ tour t-shirt and a determination to go and see her again (but to wear platform boots next time; everyone else’s boots made my docs look tiny and I felt like the shortest person there).