Hindu Pez – No Use For Love Songs

Hindu Pez - No Use For Love Songs

Currently listening to Hindu Pez, a punk vegan performance art DJ with a hunger for the bizarre, the disturbing, the pretty and the painful.

Hindu Pez is a one-man band, self-described as “a schizophrenic aural nervous breakdown, personified by a DJ with a hunger for the bizarre, the disturbing, the pretty and the painful.”

From Norfolk, Virgina, his music can best be described as industrial noise. Gabriel Perry (aka Hindu Pez) is involved with a few other bands including [OPT-OUT], We Never Sleep, and Death House Blues. Musically, his work sounds like something Hunter S. Thompson might describe if he were to go a rave.

Having lived in the area for many years, I’ve been to quite a few of his shows and Pez is also a vegan friend of mine. The live shows have punk appeal with their violent and unpredictable nature. They’re infused with an aggressive free-flowing energy that will make you want to get up and break things. At one of the shows, in a very small dumpy part of town on the other side of the tunnel, I was routinely pelted with paper balls until I got up and joined in. What can I say? I happened to be feeling a bit tired that night, and hadn’t yet visited the bar to liven myself up…

Generally, a Hindu Pez gig – or experience – will activate you with a love or hate reaction once you get in the mix of things; it’s as much a performance art piece as it is a band on stage.

If you want to hear the previous Hindu Pez album, Surgical Strike – The Best Of Hindu Pez, you can listen to it online for free on Hindupez.com and buy it if you want to (you name your price. You choose how much you want to pay).

Hindu Pez - Surgical Strike

‘Surgical Strike’ cover

Some of the songs on Surgical Strike don’t have as vicious an edge as the new No Use For Love Songs EP, but have power on a dance level. Porno Music To Kill To faintly reminds me of something that Thrill Kill Kult or Lords Of Acid might incorporate into their music.

The new Hindu Pez EP, No Use For Love Songs, is being released on June 6th 2014. Keep an eye out for its distinctive cover: A burning apartment building, about to collapse to the ground.

Click play to see the No Use For Love Songs EP teaser.

The EP opens with a dark and shadowy noise beat which quickly turns into something that might be played during a murder scene in Sev7n. I can almost imagine the Guns And Ammo bit being played at the end of the song. The dance beats evolve into hardcore noise punctuated with spleen-shaking sonic bursts. With lyrics such as “I despise people whose beliefs and religion are so firm that they think it’s justifiable to go out and kill people,” the tracks retain the sonic onslaught of previous work but introduce a more lyrical focus.

Don’t forget to check out the Hindu Pez Gofund Me – and if you’re in the Virginia area, come to a show near you. Leave your preconceptions at the door.

Hindu Pez