How to be a fabulous killjoy

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Misanthropes beware, for this title may mislead you. The Killjoys are the alter-egos of My Chemical Romance. They live (and rebel) in the dystopian future, controlled by a totalitarian government and Better Living Industries. Want to have your own Killjoy alter-ego? You should.

So, motorbabies and crash queens, hopefully you’ve picked up My Chemical Romance‘s rockin’ new album, Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys [Explicit], or at least bummed it off your friend. Perhaps you are now madly in love with the sci-fi punky Killjoys. Want to learn how to be one? Keep reading!!

What is a Killjoy, anyway?

The Killjoys are the alter-egos of alternative band My Chemical Romance. They live (and rebel) in the dystopian future, set in 2019, controlled by a totalitarian government and Better Living Industries. Radiation was released into the atmosphere, killing quite a few people, and we are the survivors. The Killjoys are a band of sci-fi punked-up vagabond rebels whose main occupation is screwing with the government and BL/ind. Want to have your own Killjoy alter-ego? You should.

So you want to know more?

Go pick up the album! Or do what I did and listen to it repeatedly on until you know the music well, then buy the album. This is a very loose concept album that explains the life of the Killjoys and gives a bit of plot. The songs are spliced with pirate radio commentary and news by the DJ, Dr. Death Defying, creating a believable atmosphere. Want more of a story? Check out the music videos! First look at Na Na Na, which is a bundle of laser gun fights, vending machine hacking, Gerard Way’s pink hair, rocking out, and a cute little kid all tied up in a bundle with some razor wire. Until the end. Then it gets real. After which you will feel internally compelled to go watch SING, but I warn you – the end is unexpected and (in my opinion) not allowed. Without spoiling, I would like to provide some comfort by telling you that on the MCR facebook page there is a picture of Gerard in a body bag with the caption “Killjoys never die.” So have hope, my dear mooks! Incidentally, the bald guy in the Na Na Na video is Grant Morrison, uber comics writer and one of the major psychedelic thinkers of this time – check him out. Homework, kids!

Now, onto the guide…

Firstly, you have to get yourself in a Killjoy mood. Listen to the album. Check out the videos. Read up on Wikipedia. Visit their website. Also, on the YouTube account, there are some excellent videos from BL/ind that make the experience all the more real. (Have I mentioned videos enough yet?) If you do nothing else, look at the Thought Adjustment one. Let yourself get wrapped up in this world; I promise you’ll enjoy it.

So I’ve looked at that, but I want more Killjoy…

Never fear! Although there is only one album so far, you can expand on your own. Rent some good sci-fi or punk movies. V for Vendetta is a personal favorite and Blade Runner is an oldie but goodie. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid is an oldie-er, and a great outlaw film with plenty of gunfights. On the album you can also find some songs that aren’t with the concept, but instead what the band thought their alter-egos would listen to: F.T.W.W.W., Masters of Ravenkroft, and Black Dragon Fighting Society. Then keep poking around for some more music – perhaps The Clash, The Sex Pistols, or The Ramones can give you your punk fix. Listen to some alternative or pirate radio. Or just check out some more MCR. 😉

Getting your Killjoy name

Like all good alter-egos, these guys have some hardcore names – Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, and Kobra Kid. Awesome, yes? So now embrace your alter-ego and give her (or him) a name. Use these to get inspired! Note how Party = Joy and Poison = Kill, same with Fun Ghoul and even Kobra Kid. Perhaps that’s the angle you’d like to use. Although you can take this anyway you want, try to stay within a sci-fi/techie theme. You can look up other people’s Killjoy names as well to get inspired. Remember, the thesaurus is always your friend, as is originality. Be your own Killjoy, not a knock-off.

Killjoy Style

Remember the whole video watching thing? Observe the outfits quite closely in these. Bold colors are good, as are jeans or cargo pants and if you can get a gun holster on them, all the better. I also think stripy tights fit in very well. Leather jackets always have rocked, and especially do when you’re a Killjoy. I’m a vegetarian, so I instead use an awesome, pocket-covered denim jacket which works just as well. Studded belts also follow the leather jacket rule. Layering is excellent because out there in the Zones, you never know if you’ll be caught in an acid rainstorm one minute or sweltering heat the next.

Killjoy Masks

Are great additions, but try to opt for one covering only half of your face. This is an anonymous age, and you want to be the one unafraid to show yourself. These masks aren’t worn all the time, but you should have one on hand anyway. Roller skates are an excellent mode of transportation if you don’t have an open top convertible. Also on the list – bandanas, fingerless gloves, the occasional helmet, aviator sunglasses (perhaps even some goggles), and wristbands.

Killjoy hair

You can do just about anything with your hair. The guys keep it down, but I enjoy pulling some of it up in pigtails or 90’s styles. If dying your hair Gerard-pink floats your boat, go ahead, but you don’t have to. Originality, remember?? Being a Killjoy is ALL about non-conformism.

The symbol of the Killjoys

Is a sort of spider thing. Look at the album cover, it’s on there. Go ahead and make a t-shirt with this on it, or get one from the online store. (However DIY almost always trumps store bought) Even draw it on your Chuck Taylors. On that subject, combat boots and Chucks are nice shoe choices. And get a laser gun!! This is very important! You need to be able to gun down those Dracs and Scarecrows! If you’re lucky enough to have a real laser, I bow to you. I don’t, so I use my little brother’s red Star Wars one or a water pistol. The rule of color still applies here – bright primaries are brilliant!

Killjoy attitude

One of the most important bits of being a Killjoy is being passionate! Care about something! Get a cause, learn as much as you can about it, and then fight like crazy for it! Defend the weak! Fight for equality! Just give a damn, okay? The Killjoys are rebels, and rebellion can certainly be good, but don’t go nuts. Rebellion for the sake of rebellion is just juvenile pouty destruction and nobody wants that. If there’s oppression, push against it and work for what is right, but don’t be a rude little kid. If you want respect, give it. Unless of course you’re fighting some Dracs, in which case screw ‘em. Also, if you’re a student, be careful. Don’t be obnoxious to your teachers; you’ll regret it when it comes time for writing college recommendation letters. Same for your parents.


If you’ve watched the videos you’ll have seen that adorable little kid who kicks it with the Killjoys. Little kids are good and sweet and lots of fun. So embrace your little brother or sister, or your friend’s if you’re the youngest. Protect and love this little kid! And if you want to pretend to be a Killjoy fighting a battle, nothing beats a kid’s imagination, so let ‘em play along!

A lot of being a Killjoy is about having fun.

Rock out, be yourself, listen to loud music, hang out with your friends, and just have a good time! Enjoy going “Pew pew pew!” with your laser gun. Playing around with some sci-fi is cool!

Art Is the Weapon

Is a major slogan for the Killjoys. It doesn’t matter what your art is, just do it, love it, and be creative. BL/ind wants us to conform, and we can’t let that happen! Follow your own path, question everything, and think for yourself.

So you’re all Killjoy-ed up with nowhere to go?

Here’s one of the best parts – make a YouTube video! These were initially submissions for a sort of contest to have your video played in the transmissions on the MCR website. (Go to the website and watch the transmissions – majorly cool!) You can find them listed on YouTube under “Stories from the Zones” and they’re great fun to watch! People get really into them and will post comments in Killjoy character offering supplies, shelter, or looking for help, plan assaults on BL/ind, make videos talking to each other, and so on. It’s crazy cool! Like an unofficial RPG! Once you see some of these, go ahead and make your own. Even though I think the contest is closed, you can still have just as much fun. Some of them are people simply addressing the camera, and others are more like the music videos that show the lives of a certain Killjoy. Remember that like anything, there will be some people trying to get you down, posting nasty comments saying you’re a freak, mentally challenged, or the like. Don’t feed the trolls, they’re just BL/ind agents trying to silence you, so either don’t grace them with a response or let them know you’re on to their anti-Killjoy ways. You can have fun regardless of those idiots. So don your outfit, get into character, maybe work with a few other friends, and make an incredible video! Killjoys, MAKE SOME NOISE!!

Thanks for reading, sunshine. Remember, fight those Dracs and BL/ind, be yourself, love your laser gun and your (adopted) little bro or sis, and have some fun!! The future is bulletproof!

This is Laser Aria, signing off. XX