Law Holt will indie rock your world. Love is the Law…

law holt

Sometimes an artist ticks all your boxes so hard you have to. Tell. The. World. Meet Law Holt. Law Holt is love. Love is the law. Embrace #FridayFeeling forever.

Fans of Young Fathers, Shabazz Palaces, Death Grips, Blood Orange and early Curve will understand Law Holt’s sound, but don’t worry if these are new names to you. You’ll no doubt feel her music too.

Law Holt sings of loneliness, darkness and romance, her voice laced with atmospheric beats and rich static.

Her unapologetic take on soulpunk drags  you to a place that’s dark and light. Sombre. It’ll have its own unspeakable joys.

Embrace the gnawing in your gut. Fling your arms wide in an internal landscape, taking in the sun’s relief over here, sliding past bittersweet rainbows, eyeing the brooding thunder in the distance.

Open your mouth wide. Taste the music.

Let Holt’s voice do that. You’re lucky. She can do that for you.

She can do anything.

Listen, and you’ll catch hints of things you love, but they’ll slip through your fingers like the shadows of butterflies.

This is part of what Holt wrote on a scrap of paper after recording the album:

“You don’t know a damn thing. It’s a witchy awareness, and if you could take a little swig from the bottle you might get the telepathy. But right now, you don’t deserve it, cos you think pop is fucking in a photo-booth in a shopping mall, you think it’s the reflection of the tip of your penis vibrating in the dark screen of your laptop. American. Packaging. Wanker. It’s a mock wedding. I’m fucking fed up with it. Don’t judge me. Just because you lost your soul.”

Law Holt’s music walks alone.

Law Holt – City

Law Holt’s debut album City will be out on 26th August 2016.

Featured tracks:

1. In The City
2. Closer To That
3. Down Boy
4. Summers Coming
5. Love Drive Through
6. Best Of The Year
7. Spit
8. Just Another Break Up Song
9. It’s Inside Us
10. Easy For Love

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