She Makes War – I Want My Country Back

she makes war - i want my country back


If you’re a Weezer fan you’ll love I Want My Country Back, a protest song by She Makes War!

Laura Kidd of She Makes War is a one-woman creative powerhouse who has worked with the likes of Tanya Donelly (Belly) and Mark Chadwick (The Levellers). Her new track I Want My Country Back is free for you to download, and written in response to the fearmongering in politics today.

Download ‘I Want My Country Back’ for free – and listen on Spotify

In the song’s manifesto, Laura Kidd says:

I Want My Country Back is a roar of defiance and a heartfelt plea to my fellow British citizens to unite against the deafening rhetoric of the other peddled in the mainstream press. I’m so tired of the racist, xenophobic nonsense we’re pelted with daily, particularly in relation to the international refugee crisis and immigration in general. It’s been a bleak few years in UK politics. We now live in a country where private sector concerns are prioritised over the public sector – the very organisations which form the foundation of a compassionate society. I want to live in a world that revels in diversity and is united by empathy.”

She Makes War’s Laura Kidd is one of the key voices in indie music today. If you like it a bit tuneful and real and honest and pro-freedom, she’s your gal.

Check out the She Makes War website, buy her stuff, go to her live gigs (if you’re lucky) and support her however you can.

POP FACT: Check the video around 1:33 and you’ll spot Marc Burrows from Before Victoria and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (read our justified and ancient TMTWNBBFN interview here).