Psycho Delia – 2 Degrees of Separation

psycho delia

Robots in Disguise, comprised of Dee Plume and Sue Denim, have tootled their ‘lectro flutes to lead us all on a merry dance over something like a decade. Their signature brand of electro punk is tinged with rosy shades of feminism – not so much in the lyrics, although “We’re in the Music Biz” definitely calls it, but more in the very “art is power” being of it.

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Each track is a celebratory musical explosion, whether Plume and Denim are working as a team or focusing on solo projects. They make those carefully laid-out harmonies, intended discords and layered creative concepts sound deceptively fresh and easy, all supported by an artful visual aesthetic. Say… you know that technicolour volcano that rose up in your local town square last night? Then it disappeared leaving nothing but muddied rainbow footprints and a small sign saying “wentthattaway”? That’s Robots in Disguise. Their three-minute tracks come in strong, paint your mind then leave you wanting more.

Dee Plume and Sue Denim are now exploring their musical directions as individuals, and in the vein of the rich heritage of RiD’s past, Psycho Delia’s new single “2 Degrees of Separation” is a perfect three minute pop song with punk sensibilities.

Psycho Delia (aka Dee Plume) works hard in the studio, and in “2 Degrees of Separation” the beautifully choreographed result has all the splendour of a Lucho Libre fight. Her soft vocals carry a satisfyingly sharp edge when backed up with jangling guitars and rat-a-tat drums. The overall arrangement is tight. Super tight. Lyrics expose layers of emotion, jostling for space, but as with so many of Plume’s creative projects the overall feeling is that you’ve just been invited to let yourself loose and make something happen.

Go forth. Be creative. If you want something, if you really want it, best put on your best green face makeup and boxing gloves and get out there.

If you don’t, then who will?