• Musical style: Electronica

If you like your music clean? Forget Aqua. Here’s Purity.

So what do Purity sound like? Do they sound pure? Of course they do – so long as one accepts that purity is in this case a mix of adrenalin-fuelled pumping electronic beats and sequencing, fusing dance with a raw rock/indie edge. Their sound is about an energy not confined by the bounderies of one type of beat, but creating a distinct style that crosses through dance genres in all their tracks. Purity produce, program and engineer all their material.

Their songs – because they do break up those beats and riffs with beautiful vocals – range from full, dark, heavy drum’n’bass through to breakbeat and then sideways to house.

Purity are currently finishing a set of tracks in their studio in London and due to release a promo single in the next few weeks.

Purity have previously toured as support to Depeche Mode on their European tour, remixed Garbage and created the theme tune to WCW Nitro. Nice.