Scarlet Grey – Fancy Blood Review

Scarlet Grey - Fancy Blood Review

The music scene calls Scarlet Grey’s ‘pop with dirt under its nails.’ Scarlet Grey has earned a legion of passionate fans called the Grey Family. After checking out the ‘Fancy Blood’ album you may discover that, deep inside, your own fancy blood is pumping.

Who is Scarlet Grey?

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Ben Grey (lead vocals/guitar), Pete Emperador (bass/vocals), Keith Cooper (drums/vocals), Cole Martin (guitar/vocals), and Alix Peters (keys/vocals) are the five members that make up this amazing band. The band name seems baroque but they’re really down-to earth and probably some of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Before Fancy Blood, their last album “Black” was released in 2008 and this led them to play with bands like Yellowcard, Saosin, and Rooney. Got your attention yet?

Fancy Blood – the album

“Fancy Blood”, released in 2010, is a tight composition of six powerful songs. The album also features both Jade Puget and Davey Havok from AFI and Blaqk Audio fame. Let’s guide you through the six tracks…

1. The Sky and I feat. Davey Havok: The opening track to the album, ‘The Sky and I’ features vocals from Davey Havok. You can expect simply beautiful and beautifully simple lyrics: “And I’ll know you’re with me, with love, Grey Family.” sings Ben Grey in one verse, addressing their loyal followers. Davey’s vocals bring an extra flavour to the song as he sings the words, “bound to be.” and “hold on to me” in the background. The video is in evocative black and white (Davey Havok is absent from the video).

2. Mr Sinister: The second track of the album can probably be best compared to the build of a great chase scene in an action film – it carries you forward and its feelgood atmosphere makes you want to really do something. Like, you know, dance, or steal a car to rescue your boyfriend from a trapped building. Probably while dancing. Ben Grey’s powerful vocals mix in smoothly with the sounds of Keith’s drums, Pete’s bass, and Alix’s keys. I’ll take a buffalo stance and say this is probably my favourite of all songs by Scarlet Grey, though I’ll have to give an honourable mention to “Good girls make great mistakes” for its excellent and mooky lyrics.

3. Fancy Blood: If Mr Sinister was the build up to a chase scene, then you can count on Fancy Blood on being the climax; the chase scene itself. Irrisistably danceable, the song starts with Ben’s soft, hushed vocals and crescendos to an unbeatable chorus and repeat. Many Scarlet Grey fans mention that they’ve got fancy blood because of this song. I think it’s safe to say that it’s a fan favourite.

4. No Boys In The Ballroom: A very upbeat song that you won’t stop pressing repeat on. ‘No Boys In The Ballroom’ will probably keep you in a hyper mood for as long as you press ‘repeat’ (I know it does for me). The lyrics are most likely going to end up stuck in your mind but you won’t care. If you’re not familiar with Scarlet Grey, ‘No Boys In The Ballroom’ is a good track to start with.

5. Naomi: Good heavens! This is probably one of the cutest songs ever written! Naomi’s video features lead singer Ben Grey’s beautiful girlfriend as the lead girl which adds to the sweet aspect of a song intended to bring a smile to your face and make grey days a little brighter and better. ‘Naomi’ is a nice song to dance to with ones you love, or to gaze out of a window and think whimsical thoughts to.

6. Business Colors: Last but certainly not least is Business Colors. A great song to end the album. Its tempo is slower than the ones before it but isn’t that the perfect way to end an album? I think it is – the songs that end albums are often a quiet thinky full stop (period to our US readers) on an album’s journey. Less showy, often a touch more experimental, they’re often growers that you look forward to once you know the other album tracks like the back of your hand. The concluding song to Fancy Blood will most likely leave you wanting more Scarlet Grey. Which is, of course, as it should be.

Meet the Grey Family

It would be such a shame to talk about Scarlet Grey and the Fancy Blood album without mentioning their amazing – and amazingly loyal – fans, the Grey Family. The Grey Family is a great and inclusive group of people, some of which I know personally. Their name reflects close-knit the the fans are – they think and act and feel like a family. Monica Grey, the creator of the Grey Family Boards, has said “The Grey Family is the greatest thing I have ever been a part of. They’re some of the nicest people ever, and some of my very best of friends. Thanks to Scarlet Grey I know all of these great people. It’s so amazing.” The Grey Family also goes out of their way to support Scarlet Grey by voting for them on online radio contests and attending their shows. Leslie C., another Grey Family member, says “You feel close to the band and feel like you’re part of a group effort.”

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