Support the support act

Support the support act

Sign your pledge to the SUPPORT THE SUPPORT ACT manifesto and spread the word! Hayley from the Pigtails and Army Boots netradio show makes a case for showing appreciation of ALL live music, not just headlining music!

As a huge music fan and regular gig-goer, something has been bothering me lately – the support acts.

I haven’t been to any gigs abroad, but when it comes to support acts, the British audience – as far as I can see – shows a shameful lack of enthusiasm. People just stand there not moving and i f they deign to give any applause it’s decidedly lukewarm.

Of course, the majority of people are there to see not the support act but the main headliner. But… if the shoe was on the other foot, and you were mainly there to see the support act, you’d feel quite upset that no one else was giving them the time of day. When I saw Joan Jett and the Blackhearts supporting Motorhead and Alice Cooper, I felt the unfriendliness of the crowd wasn’t allowing me to get up and dance – I felt too uncomfortable because no-one around me was showing any appreciation for the support act whatsoever. And this was for someone as famous as Joan Jett!

I have a theory. If we don’t know or rate the support act, we should either not turn up until the headlining act we actually want to see is on (so anyone who values the supporting band can enjoy that part of the gig properly) or we should turn up early and do our best to actually show the support band some support!

It’s worth bearing in mind… the supporting band has either been invited by the band you’ve come to see (and if your favourite band likes them, it’s rude not to give them a chance) or they are on the same record label and the main band and need a bit of exposure. If you’re a real fan of the band you’ve came to see, why not be happy they provided you with music to enjoy while they get ready to perform?

Let’s stop mucking about!

  • I will show my support for support bands at every gig/tour I go on.
  • I will dance to them even if no one else is! I will at the very least tap my feet or nod my head, I will clap loudly after every song!
  • I will not say how terrible they are to other members of the audience. If I think they are, I will talk about it to my friends away from the gig itself.
  • I will be thankful that the band I’ve came to see has bothered to put some more entertainment on for me, I will appreciate that the band needs exposure and that there may be some people that have came just to see them.
  • I will support the support act!

If you agree with this manifesto, please copy and paste it where people will see it.

Spread the word!