The Go Team

The Go Team

The Go! Team

Musical style: Indie / Pop / Hiphop

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* Supported Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips

* Have an experimental hip-hop female lead singer called Ninja

* Use cheerleading yells in a subversive manner

The Go! Team are a riotous gang of three girls (Chi on drums, multi-instrumentalist Silke and Ninja on vox) and three boys (Sam Dook on guitar, Jamie Bell on bass, and big-um leader Ian P playing electric guitar and a bit of seriously messed-up harmonica).

Their jambly (we made that word up just for them) music crashes along and is something you’ll either hate or find so uplifting you want to grab your friends, cover each other in pink cake and form a human pyramid on a swaying bridge. Your choice, obviously.

Oh yes, also you might not like it at first but then find it grows on you. But that is a more boring option so we’ll say no more about it.

The Go! Team

Okay, the Go! Team. They are a big group with a rousing discordant sound, throwing in hand-waving b-boy block party vibes, pop-punk a la Sonic Youth, gleeful bubblegum yelling like cheerleader chipmunks on speed, bright disco joy like the Jackson Five… hell, they’ll throw it all in. They don’t care.

The debut album is now out on Memphis records and it is zoomily (another word we made up) entitled Thunder, Lightning, Strike. It tries to pack all of civilisation today into one small cd… easy-listening muzak (Friendship Update), cheezoid (we made that up too) spaghetti-western soundtracks (Everyone’s A VIP To Someone) hyper tv themes (We Just Won’t Be Defeated and Junior Kickstart)… the list goes on. Leader Ian P said that the aim was to put a band together of people who wouldn’t normally be in a band together, and get them to play musical styles that wouldn’t normally be arranged together, and somehow make it sound like a fine anthem for today.

The Go! Team

People from all different walks of life seem to feel The Go! Team has something to say to them. They’ve headlined the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury Festival and made appearances at Fuji Rock, Eurokeenes and Roskilde. They’ve supported the Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth. Pitchforkmedia described The Go! Team’s track The Power is On as ‘ridiculously unique’ giving it 5/5. Rolling Stone described them as ‘the buzz band of SXSW’ (for what that’s worth) and Billboard said they were ‘lead singer/rapper Ninja is a star’.

The best thing you can do is see this lot live but if you can’t, the music should make you feel like you’re hugging friends and strangers in a streetparty… like the name suggests, the Go! Team want you to team up – and get going. All systems go!

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