The Revelations

The Revelations

Musical style: Pop-soul

Think: The Ronettes, ABBA, Phil Spector’s sixties girl groups

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* They host a motown night with guests like The Killers and Stereophonics in attendance

* They’re retro girls with a sixties girl-group sound

* One of The Revelations is swedish – do we detect an ABBA influence in their sound?

What with the Pipettes currently making it big in mainstream pop charts, and fashion swallowing up retro and vintage fifties style, the world is reasonably hungry from retro sounds at the moment, and the Revelations fit the bill… but as well as having 24-carat pop references, the Revelations still have their own take on the sound, and are recognisably themselves.

Yep, the Revelations are an all-girl pop-soul group consisting of Annika Magnberg, Sarah Vitorino and Louise Masters (Swedish/English/Portuguese – what multicultural little supertroopers they are!) and their sound extends the lineage of the great girl groups of the Sixties (Ronettes, Supremes, Shirelles) while evoking memories of vintage ABBA. While drawing on the classic sounds of The Mamas And Papas and ABBA, The Revelations know which decade they’re really living in. Our ears also detected hints of the Sugababes, and maybe a bit of Franz Ferdinand.

The Revelations have just recorded a debut album with producer Ian Grimble, which was mastered at Abbey Road, where the Beatles did their thing. Their debut cut from the sessions is ‘If I Called you on the Telephone’ – a sunshine’n’bubblegum track that smells sweetly of apples and evokes nostalgic memories of romantic summers lost.

What’s really great about the Revelations is that they run their own modern Motown club night in Notting Hill, London. That’s not your usual rags-to-rich path to fame for girl groups! We likee! Their increasingly celeb popular night has seen The Killers and Kelly Jones from Stereophonics drop in for a piece of the action, and we hope they’re using the popularity of their club night to swank it up as grubby, sleazy motown divas, switching indie giants onto the motown equivalent of the cheapest little whorehouse in Texas. Bring on that soulfood, girls! Get those celebs filthy with the fried stuff!

Their upcoming single is quite Phil Spector Wall of Sound in approach (he pioneered the whole 1960’s girl band sound), and they’re in the process of releasing 500 signed 7 inch singles. The rest will be available for download. Woo!

It’s always interesting and a bit surreal and serpent-eating-its-own-tail to see how music trends seem to come back round again, but the Revelations are nice. If you like the sixties girl-band sound, you won’t go wrong with the Revelations.

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