Uberbyte – DOS

Uberbyte - DOS

The 2009 ‘DOS’ album by industrial noise-overloads Uberbyte is full of big beat industrial dance numbers, with a lot of dancefloor fillers and a couple of growers. We like the tracks ‘Industrial Bytch’ and ‘Last Human’…

UK industrial/goth noise-mongers Uberbyte were formed in 2007 when singer Uberman’s old band Killing Miranda split. Uberman(aka Richard Pyne) had been kicking around the idea of a solo project for a while, but instead formed Uberbyte. With a penchant for alter egos, the other members are Ubergirl, Carbonel, Deadboy and Alpha. In 2008 they signed to record label Crunch Pod and soon released SIC in the same year. Since then they’ve been on tour with Combichrist, XP8, Grendel, Faderhead, Nachtmahr as well as many more, building up a core fanbase.

‘Under The Cross’ is a brilliant way to kick start this album. It’s danceable, layered well and the transitions flow cleanly into each other. The next rack, ‘Say What??’, is one of my favourites. It starts off with a brilliant quote from cult classic ‘Pulp Fiction’ and is high on danceability, as is the majority of the DOS album. ‘Industrial Bytch’ and ‘Last Human’ are also worth mentioning as they’re both massive live tracks. Industrial DJs take note – these tracks are dancefloor fillers!

‘(Let’s Put The Fun Into) Fundamentalist’, on the other hand, is a bit of a grower. Noisy with a strong beat, it mixes up a couple of fun quotes with sometimes quite bizarre ones. Give it a few listens, though!

Uberbyte deserve to be the biggest sellers on their label. Why not uberbyte into their apple…