Velterelles – Music Review

Velterelles - Music Review

Musical style: Rock / Indie / Punk / Riot Grrl

Likened to: The Cramps, PJ Harvey, B52s, Throwing Muses, The Kills, The White Stripes, The Von Bondies, Elastica

Download ‘Shut up the f*ck LIVE’ MP3

Download ‘Largemobile LIVE’ MP3

The Velterelles – Myspace

* Sound a bit rude

* Are currently unsigned, for no understandable reason that we can see

* Rawk out on Ladyfest

The Velterelles sound like a cat being beaten with a surfboard in a brothel above a sweetshop, and that’s a self-confession.

No? Let’s try again. They’re like sugar-coated swamp fever, or the sound of a voodoo tiger monster fighting with shouty pouty femme fatales.

The sticksman, upon first viewing, is clearly a french ponce, but attacks the drums til he bleeds from his palms! How extaordinary that such a groomed waif of a man can show such primitive power! The sultry bassist has a face like thunder but a voice like velvet. A dark horse in 6 inch heels. The jittery guitarist smiles one second and screams in your face the next, she is a little frightening.

Think snarling dirty sleaze with bruised ugly guitars and cute-cat-grr vocals and you should be on the right track…

The Velterelles have a lovely 50’s-styled girlband name and they know their rock roots, having played at Ladyfest Newcastle. They’re all about playing live, but when the Velterelles aren’t gigging they’re organsing burlesque girls, bands and eating competitions for the dark martini lounge underbelly of the UK. Have some of their music for free, and support them as best you can!

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