ViX n the Kix

ViX n the Kix

ViX used to be in a huge punkette British band and now she’s assembled something a little burlesque, a little feisty, a little kitsch… This band deserves your love.

ViX is a flame-haired, singing and guitar-bashing rock goddess who comes from the ether realm of the Über-ViXen Dimension. She’s also the former lead singer/songwriter of all-girl band We’ve Got A …FUZZBOX… & We’re Gonna Use It!!

As a quick recap, We’ve Got A …FUZZBOX… & We’re Gonna Use It!! were an all-girl band of four Birmingham schoolgirls who chanted indie anthem Rules and Regulations as feisty punkettes then evolved into kitsch pop queens, rocketing to worldwide success with chart hits like International Rescue (one of the happiest songs of all time), Pink Sunshine & Self.

Fuzzbox were big. They were bigger than big. Those fuzzchicks achieved the rare feat of appearing on the covers of music magazines Smash Hits and NME in the same week. You couldn’t turn on the TV on a Saturday morning back in the late eighties without seeing them grinning over your tea and toast, and the charts were well and truly bothered.

Great. So remind me. What is a fuzzbox?

It’s a gadget you keep in your speeding car so you know when there are police about and can slow down to fool them… nice, but a little bit naughty.

I see. And then what? What happened after Fuzzbox?

ViX turned down lucrative come-back tours  and commercial opportunities to re-hash albums and instead became a Reiki Master and set up a number of community music projects and vocal coaching for disadvantaged young people. But now she’s back with a brand spanking nu sound and a bostin’ all-girl backing band! ViX n the Kix – hear them roar!

We loved Fuzzbox. So is ViX n the Kix more of the same?

Oh, please. Time doesn’t stand still. All fired-up after touring the UK and Japan as backing vocalist in Ginger and the Sonic Circus, the foxy Vix has assembled ViX n the Kix to create a new band brimming with sexy, burlesque-y yumminess.

Meet the ViX ChiX:

Bexx (Superreal) is the punk bass Pikachu. Cute as all holy hell, but get too close and she’ll have them fingers clean off.

Sophia (The Toy Hearts) is the sultry duchess of guitar with the licks to match the lips.

Louise (Samba Central) is the mistress of the rhythms, the lady who brings the heavy beats to the Pretenders-inspired candy-coated rock ‘n’ roll.

ViX n the Kix have been touring this year to promote album Moon On A Stick, which has got some classy names behind it. Moon On A Stick is produced by Neil ‘Thor’ Derbyshire (Wildhearts, Ginger and the Sonic Circus, Julian Marley), Mark Wallis (Debbie Harry, U2, Razorlight, The Smiths)… and Vix. Conny Bloom (of Hanoi Rocks, Electric Boys, Sonic Circus) is executive producer.