FREE Yelle MP3: Download ‘Mal poli’

FREE Yelle MP3: Download ‘A cause de garcons’ (‘Because of the boys’)

FREE Yelle MP3: Download ‘Dans ta vrai vie’ (‘In your real life’)

Music genre: Electro music



Yelle (a slamming of Yeah and Elle) rose to fame on when she posted a song titled “Short Dick Cuizi”, dissing Cuizinier, a member of the Parisian hip-hop group TTC. Ha ha!

With producer and close friend GrandMarnier, Yelle has recorded a debut album Pop-Up, which is electro pop at its finest – apart from a couple of slow songs, it’s mostly comprised of electro dancefloor burners which are truly the bomb.

In February 2008 she performed the track “A cause des Garçons” on the BBC Three show “Lily Allen and Friends”. The show claimed that this was her first appearance on UK television. That probably means she is actually now a friend of Lily Allen.

Yelle, nous t’aimons! Tu es magnifique!

Don’t believe us? Check the video for ‘Je veux te voir’ (‘I wanna see you’)…

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