5 Free RPG Browser Games: These Joyous Classics Still Hold Their Own

5 Free RPG Browser Games: These Joyous Classics Still Hold Their Own


These classic RPG browser games are Flash-based and free to play, so you needn’t spend anything on payment or hardware. Oh, and you can play a fishy Murloc from World of Warcraft!

Dear hearts, what is it you enjoy most about role playing games? Is it the puzzles, the storyline, the action adventure or the mystery? Is it the chance to immerse yourself in the storylines of NPCs (non player characters), or the opportunity to build your own character into something that’s so very satisfyingly you?

These five free to play RPG browser games are classics of their kind. Maybe you never caught them when they first launched, but that doesn’t matter. Their concepts, graphics and gameplay stand the test of time.

If your Flash player is up to date, you can delve into them straight away – no payment, extra hardware or software involved. Enjoy!


Sonny RPG

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rpg browser games 2017 sonny

This is one of the most popular RPG games in the world – but you may not have heard of it. This battle-based zombie mystery certainly isn’t mentioned with the same regularity as World of Warcraft.

The plot? You wake up in a ship as a zombie without any memory of what happened. Of course, the first thing you want is answers. Answers to questions like who you are, where you came from, and where you were supposed to be going anyway. As half human half zombie Sonny, you’re not too far into the zombification process. Will you ever find out more about what happened to you? Will you gain the knowledge you seek or succumb to peril?

There’s now a direct sequel, Sonny 2. Its story begins a few minutes after the first game ends, so I strongly suggest playing the original game first to get a better grip of the game and story.

The original game has also been re-imagined as Sonny (2017) and you’ll find it available as a (cheap) paid game on Steam.

The Splitting RPG

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rpg browser games the splitting

The Splitting RPG series takes place in a world where people have no shadows. Their shadows have departed to wander in another world; one that can only be reached through a mirror. You’ll venture into that world, which is connected to the real one in a weird yet physical way, and solve peculiar puzzles to progress through the story. This role playing game is so fun, with plenty of puzzles and weirdness – and the story is a huge plus, too.

Arcuz and Arcuz 2 RPG

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arcuz rpg

Arcuz is another example of using a well-loved formula from a different game (in this case, the Legend of Zelda). They’ve added a little sparkle of their own to come up with a great game with solid gameplay, mechanics, and story.

Arcuz introduces you to the land of Sakara. It was a rich and prosperous land, especially the village Arcuz, but beset by demons and monsters who heralded a dark age. Heroes quelled the evil centuries ago and the village found peace, but chaos has returned and it’s your turn to be the hero to save the land.

The Arcuz RPG has a great battle system, playing with the likes of the Zelda series’ action oriented battles. You also get plenty of sidequests to complete and items to collect, giving you more to do than just follow the story. Grinding is also a thing in Arcuz (unlike Zelda). Killing enemies gets you experience points to level up your character, skills and stats.

Arcuz is a great game to play if you already love RPGs, but it’s also a lovely introductory game for those trying out RPGs for the first time.

Dynamon’s World RPG

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free RPG browser games Dynamons World

It’s been an eternal dream for so many of us to train a monster to become our guardian/pet. Pokémon helped make this dream a reality, but Dynamon’s World gives you another shot at becoming a world class monster trainer. It’s filled with adorable little monsters which you can tame and train up as pets to play and fight with each other. What more does a monster trainer want or need out of life?

The plot, aside from monster guardian pet cuteness? Your goal as a young monster trainer is to catch and train Dynamons, then use them to stop world domination by an evil organisation. If that isn’t RPG enough for you, I simply don’t know what to say!

Murloc – RPG in World of Warcraft universe

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The World of Warcraft MMORPG took over the universe in the early 2000s, and is still playable with a huge playerbase today. The game’s author always wanted to play WoW as one of the more niche races, the fishy Murlocs, but knew it was never going to happen – so he devised his own game.

You play as Murc, a regular Murloc given a few errands to help with celebration preparations… but things take a turn for the epic as you learn you must save your race from total extinction. The game plays like a regular turn-based RPG. All encounters can be avoided as you’ll see the monster before you battle it. In fact, leaving and re-entering the area will give you a 50% chance of the monster not being there – though it’s not a good idea to avoid all fights though as fighting and grinding your way through endless foes is a key way to gain experience and items, same as it is with a regular RPG.

Murloc is such a great game that people demanded a sequel, and we now have Murloc 2. I highly suggest playing both games if you love RPG games and Warcraft lore.


Yes, these are not the most recent games you’ll ever play. But it’s sometimes a joy to go back to the classics, or to discover them years after everyone else when any hype has died down. And these RPG browser games are all free to play, so you’ve simply nothing to lose but a few gentle hours of gaming.