Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse – Out Now

Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse - Out Now

The latest episode of the motherdaddy point and click adventure game is out now. Say George Stobbart, Nico. NOW SAY IT WITH A FRENCH ACCENT.

Broken Sword 5

Point and click adventure games are still, like, the best thing ever. Aren’t they? All that pointing and clicking and puzzling. You can argue which is the best, and will probably say things like Sam and Max (Day of the Tentacle), Grim Fandago and Secret of Monkey Island. The Broken Sword series is up there with the best of them… it always has a great storyline, fantastic clicky-puzzly adventures and OH MY GOSH THE SMART, FUNNY DIALOGUE between loveable American doofus George Stobbart and super-smart journalist Nico. What is George’s job, anyway? I don’t even know. He just runs around the world sneaking into temples and trying to combine the objects in his backpack to get out of dangerous hotel rooms, really. Whatever he does, I want that job.

BAFTA award-winning video game designers Charles Cecil and Revolution software have now released the first episode of what they promise is their most ambitious Broken Sword title to date. And their games were ALWAYS ambitious, you could expect around 40 hours of gameplay out of each adventure, easy.

What’s more, they’ve kept it a point and click adventure, just like Broken Sword 2. They’ve made the game using the original creative team, using lavish HD art that is still totally true to the original cartoony art style that made players so very, very happy.

Yeah. So what happens in Broken Sword 5?

Broken Sword 5

They do a bit of this, actually. Sitting around swapping snarks in cafes.

OH NOES A PAINTING HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM A PARIS GALLERY. George Stobbart and Nicole Collard are thrown (apparently by accident) into an investigation that goes from Paris to London to… the rest of the world? YEAH IT ALWAYS DOES. It becomes a race against time as dark forces are risen from their slumber. You can expect to meet both new and old Broken Sword characters, but which ones with George and Nico be able to trust? Expect a conspiracy as old as time itself. Expect heresies. Expect bickering and amazing puzzles and Stobbart trying to combine flamethrower handkerchiefs with pots of jam.

Broken Sword 5

They is almost certainly a heretic temple hidden under that goat, and George will need to coax it away by combining a wirehanger and ancient European rifle. What have you got in your backpack, George? OOH, WE’RE IN LUCK.

This is a big deal for gamers, right? I’m in. Where can I get this?

Yes, this is a really, really big deal. Point and click adventure dorks like us have waited so long for this.

Broken Sword 5 is out now on Steam and You can get it for PC, Mac and Linux, priced £18.99 for both episodes – get your hands on episode 1 now and get ready for comedy, culture-clash antics and the pointy, clicky, puzzly adventure of a lifetime!

Broken Sword 5