Carcassonne Board Game Review

Carcassonne Board Game Review

We came to the party a bit late with this one, but we finally got to see what all the fuss about board game Carcassonne is about.

You know what a tile placing game is, right? A game where you place tiles down, whether they’re roads or farms or whatever, then you place little wooden pieces on them (called meeple) to get points and high scores? Sort of simple to play, but with loads of fiendish strategy.

When it comes to tile placing games, Carcassonne is the daddy of them all. It was what got people excited about this type of game in the first place, and it’s why we wanted to get our hands on a copy and place tiles and meep about (is that a verb?) all over the place.

We love this game because it’s a lot of strategy but also a lot of luck – whatever tile you pull out kind of defines what your next move is, a bit like Scrabble. That means you can think clever, fiendish thoughts but then it Goes Wrong, and whimsical hilarity ensues.

You can soon find out what kind of people your friends are (sneaky thieves? aggressive warlords? greedy little kingdom builders?) and because you can only place one tile down at a time, the game moves pretty fast.

Not a bad little game at all. It kept us involved, and we found ourselves playing just one more game… then one more game after that, just a little one… then, oh go on, just one more. Very snacky indeed.

Carcassonne board game

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. Carcassonne board game

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