Deepak Chopra LEELA video game

Deepak Chopra LEELA video game

Oddity of the week! In Nov 2011, chakra expert Deepak Chopra may well bring new meaning to video games with LEELA, a chakra-realigning interactive journey of mind and body. Available only on game consoles.

Deepak Chopra? He’s a celebrated authority in the field of mind-body wellness, a pioneer in East/West medicine and author of a million well-received mind and body books. Time Magazine call Chopra the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine”, so there you go. When it comes to alternative healing, he’s one of the big guns.

And now he’s bringing his insights and philosophies to the world of video games.


LEELA (which translates as ‘play’ in Sanksrit) is not a game. It’s a console experience that invokes whole-body movement with meditation and breathing techniques to relax, stretch and control both body and spirit.

At the game’s foundation is the concept of the Seven Chakras, spiritual energy centres which lie within every human being. Seven individual stages of Leela focus on these Chakras, offering successively more challenging experiences, each area using a different section of the body. There is no traditional winning or losing in Leela. The ‘game’ moves at an individual’s pace, and its only aim is to instill an inner sense of harmony and accomplishment.

“The medium of interactive video games is enormously rich and filled with creative opportunity that has barely been tapped,” says Chopra, who, along with Curious Pictures, spent more than two years conceptualizing Leela. “There are many people who practice yoga and meditation who have video-game systems in their homes, but they rarely use them – but these are powerful devices, capable of creating wonderful experiences. I hope anyone who explores Leela will feel enriched by what we’ve created.”

On Kinect™ for Xbox 360®, Leela also incorporates “Stillness Meditation,” an activity that uses Kinect technology to display a real-time graphical representation of breathing, offering gentle feedback and guidance for a number of deep-breathing exercises.

Each person who experiences Leela will also have an opportunity to create a personalized “mandala,” or visual representation of the inner self. No two can possibly be alike, and each one is intended to reflect the inner nature, senses and imagination of the individual. Three days after its anticipated debut, on Nov. 11 – or 11/11/11 – Leela will add functionality to allow these personal mandalas to be shared with family or friends using Facebook.

And let’s bloody face it, we all use Facebook.

You’re welcome to buy Deepak Chopra’s LEELA if you think it’s for you, or to visit to find out more.

Deepak Chopra LeelaDeepak Chopra LeelaDeepak Chopra Leela

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