Deus Ex Human Revolution – NEW trailer

Deus Ex Human Revolution - NEW trailer

We are beyond hyped about Deus Ex Human Revolution, coming out on 26th August. Why must time move so SLOWLY? Check out the very latest trailer for Deus Ex…


Sexy, no? Deus Ex is one of the most critically-acclaimed video game franchises of all time, due to the amazingnest of the first one (but, like THE MATRIX), you kind of have to pretend the sequel didn’t exist.

Deus Ex 3 gameplay

On the whole, Human revolution looks to be a classy, thinking mook’s first person shooter. You get four different kinds of body upgrades, known in the game as augmentations. These are stealth, technology, social and combat. Fans of roleplaying games like Morrowind will be familiar with these.

Weapons can be upgraded to suit your style of gameplay, enemies react to what you do (change your weapon, behave in a certain way, etc.) If you kill the leaders of enemy squads you can really confuse them. It’s not just a shooter – it’s a shooter that gives you lots of scope for playing the game how you want to. For gamer grrls out there consumed with bloodlust, yes – you will get close-ups of instant kill moves. Evil Cinderella, you SHALL go to the ball.

People are saying really, really good things about the latest video game in the series. You can find out more in the Mooky History of Deus Ex.

We’ll keep you posted…